incredibar search? how do i get rid

  johnnyrocker 19:24 30 Oct 2012

this search facility/title came about recently while being part of a download which i declined it now seems to want to attach itself to all my searches, have looked in add/remove and it isn't there ordinary search turns up nothing, revo has no trace. any advice on how to remove please?

XP pro sp3 etc

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:55 30 Oct 2012
  johnnyrocker 21:05 30 Oct 2012

my thanks for that tip i followed the instructions and malware did not find anything nor the other idea re add ons

  Nontek 21:06 30 Oct 2012

I had the same problem a little while ago - this is how I solv3ed it ...

From the horses mouth ...

In addition, to prevent IncrediMail from alerting you regarding the change you have made in the future, please do the following:

 1. Open IncrediMail.

 2. Select the 'Tools' drop-down menu and select 'Options..'.

 3. In the window that opens, click the 'Security' tab and uncheck the 'Notify me about changes in my homepage settings' checkbox.
  johnnyrocker 21:49 30 Oct 2012

my thanks for the suggestions unfortunately it was not of much help as config is not the same in firefox as described.


  difarn 22:02 30 Oct 2012

Did you try uninstalling it this way...

Did you also look for the small down arrow just to the right of the URL box - when clicked this should give you a list of search engines available - by clicking on "manage search engines" you should be able to delete it.

  Nontek 22:08 30 Oct 2012

The configeration is in Incredimail not Firefox - I am using Firefox too, but this has nothing to do with it.

Tools>Options>Security tab in Incredimail!

  johnnyrocker 12:52 31 Oct 2012


appreciate your advice but neither options are there.


i do not have incredimail at all i may have mislead you for which i apologise if that is the case


  Nontek 13:45 31 Oct 2012

Yes, I thought the download you mentioned was Incredimail - so what was the download that carried Incredibar?

  difarn 17:05 31 Oct 2012

A poster on another forum was successful when locating and removing a programme called WebAssistant which apparently comes with Incredimail/Incredibar and hides the search engine control programme. This article may be of interest.

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