Incredibal Curruption. PLEASE HELP!

  Andy1991 22:45 19 Nov 2007

I have a large problem, actually, millions all at once. I have made screen shots ahot explanations of them all in a word doc, which u can download here.

click here

I really really really need help. It is a word file, I really thank u in advanced.

  shellship 22:58 19 Nov 2007

There are those on this Forum who are much more knowledgeable than me but my inclination would be not to touch it with a bargepole.

  gudgulf 23:10 19 Nov 2007

How long has this been going on?

If it's a recent thing,have you tried System Restore?

That wont affect your documents (and is reversible).

Have you recently used any tools such as a registry cleaner or suffered any sudden shutdowns of the pc as either of those can cause damage to your system?

Also what other antivirus/antimalware scanners have you run?.....LimeWire can be rife with trojans etc as I'm sure you will know.

SFC might help but it will only verify major system files.....if you have a full XP disc then a repair install of XP might be better click here

It might be a good idea to explain your problem more openly on the forum...many members are very cautious about opening files such as the one you've provided( not me,obviously!).You might get more responses if you do that.

  johnnyrocker 23:12 19 Nov 2007

i would try a system restore ( if xp ) or run sfc /scannow and have disk ready as a starter,


  Andy1991 18:57 20 Nov 2007

I dont, kow when it happened exactley. but i can not find any system restore points before yesterday. i just read this: click here
and i remember a spoof zip file was requesting to be sent to me by Windows Live Messnger by someone i know called Doya, and claimed that there were some pics in there that she had used for my space. Thing is, it did not seem like her and i could tell that there was something different there, i knew it was automated.. it happened twice: everytime i was online and so was she.
does this sound like a virus, as the contents of the ZIP was a exe, but i did not execute it, i think anyone is smart enough not do that.
i have scanned with Trend Micro (Which is not that good at all) and it found nothing.
Does any on think this may be the problem?

  p;3 19:10 20 Nov 2007

you do not state what you windows version is, what your installed antivirus protection is and what other protection programs you have on board and run
please list them so people know what you have already run and more help can be forthcoming

  Andy1991 19:13 20 Nov 2007

XP Home
Trend Micro IS 2007 - did complete scan.

I also have
Spyware doctor 5
K9 Web Protection
Ad-aware 2007
reg mechanic
sysatem mechanic 6
o&O defrag 10 pro
Sophos antirootkit
Search and recover 4

I will run later:
SFC \Runnow

  p;3 19:18 20 Nov 2007

maybe try these free scanners for starters
click here

click here free version home users

click here

a squared FREE version

fully update, reboot and run on full deep scans see what they find

  p;3 19:21 20 Nov 2007

PS ; I looked at your click here but did not go beyond seeing that TO see further I had to apparently download something; I declined

  Andy1991 19:23 20 Nov 2007

I hvae only give people a word file with screenshots of all the problems, with annotations and breif explanations

  SANTOS7 19:27 20 Nov 2007

The download is the word doc. which explains in words and pictures whats going on, my advice BACKUP your work format and start again, THEN put a proper BACKUP in place to recover your system with.
I have a van load of stuff on my C:/ (far to much) really but i can format and recover my system in half an hour...

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