Increasing RAM

  TonyV 20:15 25 Oct 2009

My machine, at the moment, only has 1024 DDR 2 667MHz RAM and I would like to increase that by at least 100%. I have not been in to the bowels of the machine, so have no idea what sort of card there is there at the moment and how many pins it has. However, assuming there is/are free slot/s to plug in the new memory, is it possible to say, add another 2gb card making a total of 3gb, or does the multiple have to be doubling up each time? If that is the case, I may well go for a 4gb card and be done with it. But cost could be a governing factor. Maybe I just add another 1024... as already there and leave it at that.

Your comments would be welcome.



  Taff™ 20:21 25 Oct 2009

click here and use their scanner tool. Very reliable company and it will tell you exactly what your options are.

  rob162 20:30 25 Oct 2009

also try the memory search on the kingston memory page, that will give u some more options too

  rob162 20:30 25 Oct 2009
  TonyV 20:37 25 Oct 2009

That was quick!

Taff, I have just been to the Crucial site and they say that there is still one slot available to me but since my version of XP will only acknowledge 3 gb of RAM I may as well get a 2gb card and install that. Crucial actually give a bundle of compatible cards as well.
So the battle seems clear!

rob162, thanks for your response. I'll look on there and see if there is a similar 2gb on their site that Crucial recommend.



  TonyV 20:39 25 Oct 2009

I assume mine is the 32 bit version of XP Home SP3, since there doesn't appear to be any mention of 64 bit.


  TonyV 20:52 25 Oct 2009

I have just re-read the information from Crucial, and it seems that if I do what they say, I can do both, use a mixed unit, say 1 of 1gb and 1 of 2gb, or just go for one 2gb unit or 1 + 1 making 2 gb because my machine supports dual-channel memory.

Perhaps the simple answer is to fit just one new 2gb unit? (Or 2 x 2gb units and only get the use from 3gb!)


  Taff™ 20:59 25 Oct 2009

3Gb should be adequate for most things so I`d just get the 2Gb stick for the moment and then see what you think.

  Deekio 21:08 25 Oct 2009

Why not download Belarc Advisor here :-
click here
This will give you a complete idea of your machine.

  TonyV 23:24 25 Oct 2009

The comment from the Crucial scan was to the effect that there would be benefit from fitting identical pairs due to dual-channel capability on my machine. I'm not sure what that means, but as you say, economically, it would be advantageous to just get the new 2gb stick and have 3gb in total.

Deekio, the Crucial scan gave a précis of what was in my machine, but I'll give your link a whirl.



  Audio~~Chip 23:45 25 Oct 2009

so if were to buy say 2GB Ram buy it as 1GB x2 but only do this if you can visually see you have both dimms in your machine populated by 2x 512MB DIMMS. The reason being is to get Dual Channel advantage.

I would have a look inside your machine first and don't be scared. Power off when its cooled down for a bit and remove the side panel.

What make of machine do you have ?

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