increasing memory limits in Win 2K

  Amadas 03:21 16 Sep 2006

I'm running Win 2k on an AMD Athalon 64 X2 with a dual core processor 3800. Just installed an additional 2 Gig of Dual channel ram (already had 1 Gig) bringing the total to 3 Gigs (All sticks are Kingston). Also added the GeForce 7950Gx2 1 Gig video card.

Upon checking the Bios, The Asus mobo recognizes 3008 of ram, however, win2k only sees 1.5 gig. I tried changing the boot.ini file and added 3GB, saved the file and rebooted. Windows now sees an additional 64 meg of ram, but thats it.

After googling this problem, I've since learned that win2k has a ram limit of 1.5 gig (conflicting reports also indicate 2.0 gig)

What I'm hoping to learn is if there is any way I can increase the memory limit by editing some file in the system 32 folder or within the registry.

I've installed the AMD dual channel optimizer, however, no change in what windows sees.

Current Win 2k version does have service pack 4.


  MichelleC 08:48 16 Sep 2006

I didn't know ram was limited for w2k. Here's a solution for 98 which may apply:


Win 9x is theoretically capable of recognizing and using up to 2GB of physical RAM. However, because of the way it configures itself based on available RAM, it actually shoots itself in the foot when RAM goes beyond 512MB, and will not work properly at all with more than 1GB.

The workaround for systems with between 512MB and 1GB of RAM is to add (or change) the MaxFileCache setting in the [vcache] section of SYSTEM.INI to limit the amount of memory allocated to the cache manager. This is addressed in MSKB article Q253912.

For systems with more than 1GB RAM, the workaround is to add (or edit) the MaxPhysPage setting in the [386enh] section of SYSTEM.INI to limit the amount of physical RAM that Windows will actually use to 1GB or less. This is addressed in MSKB article Q304903

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