increasing from 166 to 200 in bios

  pookie 13:33 08 Oct 2004


asus a7n8x-x, x800pro, on board sound, windows xp home, 1 gb ddr 400 ram and 3 ghz barton.

when system was built for me i was told that ram was 400 speed, mobo supported 400 (200) but barton was 333 so i bios all was set to 166 rather than 200. i've read that any barton 3ghz or higher can be set to 200 which would be great as i could get max out of mobo and ram.

is it safe just to increase in bios settings from 166 to 200? i think i should be ok for fans/temp.

many thanks


  Noelg23 15:14 08 Oct 2004

well you can give it a try...but if your temps go too high...either get a bigger heatsink and fan or lower the FSB back to where it was...but one question you say its a 3GHz Barton?!?! Im confused cos AMD CPUs dont go over 2.4GHz or even 2.2GHz...I have an AMD AthlonXP 2500 Barton Core CPU which is 1.83GHz but I have overclocked it to 2.2GHz so its now an AthlonXP 3200...I will look into this in case I am wrong but like I said go for it...but be extra careful!!

  Gaz 25 16:19 08 Oct 2004

He will have the 3000+ probably!

  Noelg23 16:25 08 Oct 2004

yeah but the 3000+ will only be a speed of about 2.1GHz so which AMD processor is he talking about that has a speed of 3GHz...but I think he is talking about AMD AthlonXP 3000+

  welshwizard712 16:29 08 Oct 2004

lol! yeh hes tlkin bout the 3000+. My mates get mixed up all the time.

Not everyone is a Computer Boffin. I learnt to accept it!

  pookie 16:36 08 Oct 2004

hi and thanks - it's the 3Ghz (2.1 Ghz)



Best thing is to try it, be warned though upping the FSB can damage the CPU right down to the graphics card. Make sure you have an adequate PSU aswell...

Try it then just leave teh PC to run for a few hour's, see what happen's, any lock up's then try playing games and go from there....

But just keep watch on the system temp's, and come fragging on exiled-gamers again ;)

  pookie 15:53 11 Oct 2004

thanks guys - hi pilch

double checking and mine is 333 rather than 400 so i'm leaving well alone.



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