Increase size of primary partition ( XP )

  Diemmess 10:45 12 Apr 2014

I want to add a small amount of space to my primary (C:) drive to give some elbow room.

I used a copy of Partition Magic v.8 to reduce the size of (D:) leaving about 10Gb as unallocated and then merge this with the adjacent C:drive.

The reduction of D: worked and I now have the space, can set it to merge C: with "unallocated," but when at least halfway through two errors pop up and the operation aborts!

Glad to say that the system still appears fully functional except the unallocated space is now there but C:drive is still the original size


Is there a facility to use Windows XP and disk management to merge a primary drive with unallocated space?

  Jollyjohn 10:58 12 Apr 2014

Can you Resize C rather than merge?

If that doesn't work try creating a new partition in the unallocated space then try Merge again.

  Diemmess 13:43 12 Apr 2014

Jollyjohn - thanks

It is fortunate there's no urgency over this

If I use the "slider" into the unallocated section then this will do its sums up to completion of the first longwinded part, before it errors out. If I set it so that there are buttons and mouse clicks it crashes out as I try to apply the ticket boxes

Apparently error # 1516 - Partition improperly dismounted. - must state the volume number, and

several more flash and disappear.

Disk manager in XP is rather primitive and not as comprehensive as in W7.

  Jollyjohn 15:24 12 Apr 2014

Much as I like Parted Magic I have found on some occasions it will not run so I revert to GParted, another Linux based partitioning utility. Download and burn to CD then boot from CD and try.

  BRYNIT 18:49 12 Apr 2014

If you are trying to resize the partition from within Windows XP Windows will not allow it. Most new partition programs will only changing the size of the C partition on the next boot the program loaded resizes the drive before windows loads.

Some will allow you to create a boot disk allowing you to boot into the program change the size of the partitions before booting into windows..

  Diemmess 16:10 13 Apr 2014

Job done!

Thanks again

I'm not into Linux, *searched and found EaseUS Partition etc etc installed the Home (free) version this afternoon. Ran it very briefly to move a "slider" along to the end, and confirm the finish.*

Is it just me, or does every wretched small program spatter its host's screen with distractions of bargains if I just sign up? Add to that trying to avoid constant little notes popping up. Will I or wont I allow or deny - xyzed's access to do something which might be OK, or might destroy the system. I wasn't this messy when the old Partition Magic was cobbled together. But the old technology couldn't meet the increasing power of such programs so I can continue with XP for a year or two yet.

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