increase display pixel size

  a1smokie 19:05 18 Jun 2003

Hi there , in order to load my dig camera software i need to alter my Display settings to 16 bit high colour (which i have been able to do) and increase the screen area Pixels however. the arrow to increase the pixel size will not let me drag it to the right to increase . can any one advise me further. it is currently set at 640x480 pixel.el size

  Rayuk 19:09 18 Jun 2003

Have you installed the driver for your graphics card??

  a1smokie 19:23 18 Jun 2003

yes, i believe so . the pc was built by a family friend some years ago. is there anyway i can tell?

  wee eddie 19:53 18 Jun 2003

Some years ago, is a bit of a problem as you may not have a USB connection.

What size is your Monitor, among other thoughts.

  a1smokie 20:07 18 Jun 2003

i added a 2usb port PCI card only last week. it has worked with scanner etc.
17in monitor
3dfx voodoo3 display adapter

  DieSse 21:35 18 Jun 2003

"some years ago" and no USB connection, may mean too old to do what you want. if you reduce the colour depth - can you increase the pixel count. If you can then you have a problem that you may not be able to fix without a new graphics card.

Can you tell us some more about your system, including details of the monitor and graphics card please.

  a1smokie 22:47 19 Jun 2003

the PC has USB connection i ama single parent its all i can afford & its worked well up till now i am astounded its now unfixable.

anyway, no the colour depth change still doesnt allow the pixel size to increase
does this mean i need a new graphics card? will that definatley fix the problem? or am i safer looking for a new monitior.?

3dfx voodoo3 memory range 00a0000-000affff
video memory 16mb
graphics clock speed 166mhz

monitor 17in Escom

  VoG® 22:53 19 Jun 2003

You don't need a new monitor. Basically the monitor will display what the graphics card tells it to.

Is there any chance that you can get a friend to allow you to try their card in your PC (pretty unlikely I know).

I appreciate that you are probably on a tight budget. You should be able to pick up a decent graphics card for well under £100.

  Jester2K II 22:59 19 Jun 2003

What does it say above the slider for the resolution??

Something like Default monitor on default VGA card?

Are you sure the card drivers are installed?

  woodchip 23:00 19 Jun 2003

Nothing wrong with the card, Right click the desktop\Properties\Settings\Advanced\Monitor\Change then choose a Generic or standard type SVGA at the Resolution you want to display click apply, then go back to settings and try again but you may have to reboot

  DieSse 23:03 19 Jun 2003

From what you've said, i would have thought the card and monitor should be able to do what you want - as long as you have the correct driver software. 3dfx cards are not so easy to find the right drivers for tho', as the company no longer exists as such.

This is a good site to try and get the proper drivers. 16Mb memory on the card should be enough to give you 800x600 at 16bit colour (which is only around 8Mb).

Try changing the monitor type in the display properties to an Acer 15p - this may also help give you more choices in the settings.

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