increase adsl speed setting on modem/router

  jolorna 08:03 08 Mar 2005

further to my thread click here which is now up and running but not as quick as the bt voyager settings which were set at, tcp 13900, & mtu 1430, the modem/router has mru 1492, mtu 1492, mss 1432, i can see the mtu but what will be the equivalent for the tcp please i have got this posted in the network forum but have had no responce so trying in the help room now

  Chegs ® 09:39 08 Mar 2005

I used to use DrTCP to tweak my ADSL settings,(without much improvement,if any)I eventually d/l'ed an "autofix" from PC Pitstop's site,that offered a choice of 2-3 different settings,depending on whether I was online gaming or d/l'ing,as 1 setting gave execellent connectivity(in games)but poor d/l'ing and the other was the reverse.

  jolorna 10:26 08 Mar 2005

i used Dr TCP to tweak the voyager modem and that increased my download & upload speeds to 465 & 247 without overheads at present im only getting 447 & 243 without overheads, the router modem is showing as a lan or high speed unlike the voyager which is showing as dial up & i cant seem to be able to point Dr TCP to the router

  Chegs ® 10:35 08 Mar 2005

click here

I d/l'ed this to my HD,and found it usefull.

  Chegs ® 10:41 08 Mar 2005

I also found that it paid to tweak the router settings(as I'm presently back on dialup I have forgotten the actual numbers)I think it was 28 that I was altering the MTU by,eg 1492 - 28 = 1464.

As its over 6 mths since I had ADSL,I have forgotten exactly what tweaks were applied where.

  jolorna 11:09 08 Mar 2005

that pc pitsop link made the connection worse, at least i found one thing out is that Dr TCP is actually working for the modem/router so i used that to put the settings back again,i will try that last setting you posted and it looks like i will just have to play with it untill i can find the best configaration

  jolorna 11:22 08 Mar 2005

i was writiing my last post as you posted yours, i must have hit the one that trashed the d/l speed, i will keep watching this thread and will be interested as to how you get on when you get your adsl back, once again many thanks

  Chegs ® 11:28 08 Mar 2005

Did you try "Typical Latency" and "Low Latency" I found one improved online game connectivity but really trashed the d/l speed.I also seem to remember that my other setting worked best at something like 1388,but only in conjuction with another tweak.Sorry I'm not able to recall each tweak exactly,but if you can hangon a couple of weeks,I'm hoping to get back on ADSL and will no doubt have to tweak the settings again. :-)

  jolorna 11:29 08 Mar 2005

thanks for all your help,i will just wait for the free bt upgrade, will close this tread now,

  jolorna 11:52 08 Mar 2005

i typed my closing thread as you sent yours,i guess i must have picked the one that trashed the d/l speed, looks like i will have to wait for my letter from bt to say when they will give the free speed increase, i will watch this thread & see how you get on when you get your adsl back again, thanks once again for your help, sorry about the delay in this reply but the first one i tried to post just got lost, in cyberspace

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