Incorrect RAM value in My Computer

  alexgray104 19:52 11 Jan 2007


A lot of you may hasve seen my first post about a new build yesterday and today but I have suddenly found a mistake. I bought 256mb Kingston RAM (not the extra-value stuff) and installed it in my pc, as per instructions, but in System Properties, it only shows up as 192mb RAM. Does anybody know how I can correct this so it shows the correct figure??

Many Thanks.


  skidzy 19:53 11 Jan 2007

Its probably using the 64mb for onboard graphics

  SANTOS7 19:57 11 Jan 2007

I'm with skidzy,if you have integrated graphics as opposed to a standalone card with its own built in memory, the memory module you put in your PC will allocate whatever is necessary to run your graphics..

  Belatucadrus 19:58 11 Jan 2007

This probably means you're using MOBO on-board graphics rather than a separate VGA card, as a result 64MB have been allocated solely to graphics work and aren't available as system RAM. The 192Mb is the balance and all that is now available to the system. If you add a VGA card, you'll get the 64Mb back as cards usually have their own distinct memory and will not need to swipe any more.

  alexgray104 20:09 11 Jan 2007

Lovely, thanks for the answer.

btw, i am using intergrated graphics at the moment, due to it being an office computer build. Would you recommend installing one of my old graphics card to relieve the system memory back to the system??

Cheers for the quick replies.


  Totally-braindead 20:59 11 Jan 2007

You could if the cards are not too old and they will fit. If you're running XP it will toddle along on 256mb but you'd be better with at least another 256 taking you to 512mb. It would run faster and you would notice the difference.

  Totally-braindead 21:00 11 Jan 2007

One thing. You mention its an office build. If this is a new computer check the warranty before you open the case to do anything.

  SANTOS7 21:27 11 Jan 2007

I would be more inclined to add more memory 256Mb is
a bit skinny even for moderate PC usage...

  alexgray104 23:14 11 Jan 2007

Thanks for the answers everyone! I think I am going to purchase some more RAM as you suggest and it will maybe help me futureproof myself (atleast for a while) aswell.

P.S - I built it myself so no warranty on anything except actual components.



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