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  phughes1979 18:41 29 Aug 2007

Hello all, I hope you'll be able to help me out with my problem because I'm baffled. I've recently purchased a Netgear wireless modem router, followed the instructions and set it up okay. However, the next day it wasn't working so I set around playing about with it only to discover the Toshiba laptop I was using has a button on the front which enables you to knock the wireless card off. Anyway, I discovered this after a few hours by which time I had contected back to the router again by cable and had tried setting everything up manually.

I've set it up now on 2 laptops and it works perfectly on one, on the other however when I connect to the wireless network it says limited or no connectivity and I am not able to access the internet. Toshiba's own PC Dr program says its because my IP address is likely to not be set properly. Auto repair does not fix the problem. If however I go through the wireless connections menu and get to the screen where I can manually input a IP address and subnet mask I can insert the ones that I am given by the wireless router program. Upon using this IP address connection strength with the wireless network becomes excellent, but I am still unable to access the internet. This time the PC Dr tells me its most likely because of a network cable issue, the network is not connected - although it works perfectly for the other laptop.

Anyone able to shed any light on this?

  STREETWORK 21:54 29 Aug 2007

PC Doctor is not very good at diagnosing problems, is it.

1. On the laptop you are having problem with first disable the connection and then re-enable it. did this work, no move on.

2. Right click the taskbar icon showing limited or no connectivity and click on 'status' then 'support' tab. Is assigned by DHCP the address type. also check the IP numbers are there. No,,then disable and re-enable it again. Yes, move on.

3. click start, select run and type 'msconfig'. Sroll down to find the Wireless Zero Configuation (WZC) is it running, no right click and select start. Yes, right click and stop it then restart it again...

4. re-enter your WEP or WPA key again and then try and connect.

5. Not working, try a wired connection, Works, yes.

6. Uninstall and reinstall the wireless card driver and then check to see if it enabled from device manager. It must be enabled to work.

Not working, click here

click here

Post back please...

  phughes1979 20:47 30 Aug 2007

Nope, still not working. I've also tried under the support tab in the status window clicking on repair. The computer disables then tries to reconnect to the router only it is unable to finish the repair because it is unable to renew the IP address.

I've tried a tip I found on another forum, opened up a command prompt window, typed in ipconfig and tried manually inserting this IP address. Again, connectivity goes to excellent but still no access to the internet.

  ßoolian 21:34 30 Aug 2007

Try a clean install of the failing pc and it should reset the IP Address

  ßoolian 21:34 30 Aug 2007

Remember to back your important docs, music, videos, pics e.t.c to a usb hard drive first

  ßoolian 21:37 30 Aug 2007

If you use Office Outlook press ctrl+a and it will select all your mail then go on edit and select copy and make a folder e.g. "mail folder" and right click and paste. If you have more than one e-mail account (including other users) on that PC, make folders for them too.

Hope this helps!

  STREETWORK 22:23 30 Aug 2007

Ok, now you need to go into the routers own configuation and do the following.

1. Re-type your username and password
2. Click 'submit' or validate.

This will reset the IP address and other settings...

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