incorrect Hard drive size reported ?

  bobatnorthway 11:52 05 Aug 2006

Thanks to the support from this site I have just successfully cloned my friends 4 gb to a 20gb the system is on ME, I have scandisc & defragged ok, the drive is seen in the bios as 20gb but is reported in windows as the old 4gb drive is this possible to tackle or do we live with it, everything functions fine otherwise.

  woodchip 12:20 05 Aug 2006

The rest of the drive is unallocated free space, use a Win98se Floppy boot disc click here after downloading put floppy in drive and double click the file this creates the boot disc. Start comp with disc and let it go to A:\> then type Fdisk follow through and create a Logical Partition of the free space

  woodchip 12:27 05 Aug 2006

By Cloning the disc it as copied the Partition size or MBR as it’s called also, that's why it only shows as 4Gb

  ed-0 12:38 05 Aug 2006

says, run fdisk. If you look at option 4 in fdisk it should tell you that 20% of space is being used and 80% is woodchip says " unallocated " unused.

Afternoon woodchip. Nice to see the sun shinning again.;-)

  bobatnorthway 12:50 05 Aug 2006

Thanks for that woodchip, by using fdisk, take it I wont lose any data ? also do you mean win 98 or me floppy disc boot as the system in me?

  ed-0 13:31 05 Aug 2006

" by using fdisk, take it I wont lose any data "

so long as you pick option 1 then the option to create an extended dos partition. You will not loose anything off the "C" drive. Make sure you do not use any of the option 3 " delete options ".

Use a 98se boot disk.

  woodchip 14:16 05 Aug 2006

the 98se disc will do as both Me and 98 use Fat32.

Hi there ed-0 Been out this morning and just had my dinner. Popped in to have a look at thread’s before going back down stairs to watch films

  bobatnorthway 14:16 05 Aug 2006

I have created startup disc and gone into fdisk,it shows the disk useage as 100% at 4118mb this being my old drive size.
when I go into option to create a dos partion I am told no space to create a dos partition.??

  woodchip 14:28 05 Aug 2006

Looks like you are going to have to do it from a fresh install to get all the drive. Unless you have or can borrow Acronis Disc Director Suite click here

  bobatnorthway 14:35 05 Aug 2006

Thanks for that, I dont want to go to that cost, its something we can live with,the previous drive had used 100% space now it still shows 4GB drive but only 20% useage on the 20gb drive.
Appreciate the help all the same.

  ed-0 17:00 05 Aug 2006

PC Pro >spit<. Have a programme on there best of pc pro disk.

Acronis migrate easy 7 personal.

It's only 5.7Mb and free.

Let me know if you want it. It can be uploaded to the web or via email.

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