Incorrect chip speed

  Newuser2478 19:19 28 Jun 2003

I have just built a new system using a Gigabyte K7 Triton400 GA-7VA with a Via KT400 chipset and an Athlon 2600XP(2.133GHz).On startup the POST reports a 1250MHz processor and when I ran SISoftSandra it reported Duron M8/MP&Athlon4/MP/XP (Thoroughbred) 1.5G + 1.65v Multiplier12.5x.Speed 1.28GHz.
I'm quite new to all this so, have I set a jumper wrongly or have I been ripped off?

  Rtus 19:46 28 Jun 2003

It appears youve got the mobo on 100 mhz FSB (default on these boards)check manual to be sure))

  keith-236785 22:12 28 Jun 2003

Rtus is right, the amd xp2600+ runs a FSB of 166mhz, you need to set your bios to 166,

the motherboard is shipped set by default to 100mhz, that is so people who use Durons do not fry them by mistake.

just alter the setting in the bios for cpu/memory speed to 166/166(as long as you have 333mhz DDR 2700 or above) if you have 2100 ddr(266mhz) then you will have to set the memory to 133, so that would be 166/133 or even 133/133 but to get the full benefit of your processor, you need 333mhz memory

hope this helps

  goonerbill 23:25 28 Jun 2003

correct settings.

ck-ratio (located between cpu and com ports on left) tabs 1,2,3,4 off 5 on, thats the auto setting, leave as it is.

sw1 switch

follow pci slot 3 to the right and set tab 1 off tab 2 on, 166(333)fsb. if fsb is at 100(200)fsb tab 1 is on, 2 off. if running at 133(266)fsb tabs 1 & 2 are off.

everything should now be ok. just set my Vax to this as just got 2500+ barton cpu.

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