Incompatible XP 64

  Nancy166 13:39 04 Aug 2006

Hi Guys,
A friend of mine has a brand new computer with Windows XP 64. She is delighted but unfortunately cannot download or access AOL 9 Broadband Silver.

She has tried everything including contacting AOL who seem puzzled by the whole problem and needless to say don't have a solution.

She has been told that AOL technology has not kept up and that the 64 is just not compatible with the outdated software.

If anyone knows the answer I know you will, so please,can you help?

Many thanks


  Fingees 15:32 04 Aug 2006

In ordinary xp home, programs can be run in compatability, win 98 etc.

Is there not such a thing in XP 64?

It's worth checking.

As it's a windows issue, you can get free help from microsoft.

It may be worth trying.

  Nancy166 15:54 08 Aug 2006

Thanks for your help Fingees......but it seems that AOL has yet to catch up with the new technology.

So my next question to all is:

On a brand new computer loaded with Windows XP 64.....can this be deleted and Windows Home or Professional installed?

I assume that if you can update, you can downgrade????????



  rodriguez 17:21 08 Aug 2006

You can downgrade it to 32 bit Windows (which is any Windows XP version that isn't 64) but you will have to buy a new Windows disc and you won't really get the benefit of the 64 bit processor. If it's just the AOL browser that won't work then it isn't really worth the cost and hassle so it would be better to use another browser such as Mozilla Firefox (click here).

  Nancy166 17:56 08 Aug 2006

OK. Many thanks for your help. My friend will be very pleased. It's all very well having an all singing all dancing computer but if it doesn't do what you want, it's not a lot of use.

Thanks again


  Zeppelyn 22:08 08 Aug 2006


I have X64 too and I cant use BT Yahoo browser so just use Internet Explorer or Firefox as Rodriguez suggested. Honestly its much better and staight forward option than buying another Windows.

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