Incompatability of gigabyte products

  Tups 16:59 20 Jun 2003

Have gigabyte 8inxp mobo & gigabye 9700 pro graphics but they are not compatable,I have been on the web and it is a widespread problem. Any solutions?
Tried 4x agp,bios upgrades and latest drivers.
System: 8inxp
1gig memory
120 gig h/d
550w pcu
Help before I have the most expensive paperweight around.

  barrie_g 18:47 20 Jun 2003

I would guess that your only option would be to see if you can return and replace either one of the offending items if not, I would assume that you are going to have to buy a replacement mobo as this would be the cheaper option rather than replacing your graphics card.

  Tups 20:53 20 Jun 2003

Thanks Barrie_g
but I`ve only just bought them. On there own they are both perfect so the shop has no legal requirement to replace.
What`s to say another mobo will not have the same problem. Look on the web and you`ll be surprised how many suckers there are like me with the same problem.

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