Incoming Call disconnects AOL

  Klodshans 12:26 24 Feb 2005

When on AOL a message appears top left saying a call is coming in. Whether we click on "disconnect" or "ignore", the connection is broken, but there is no incoming call. It's not an AOL message. Sometimes it is impossible to connect to AOL as it disconnects continuously. AOL's message says that Norton Firewall may be at fault but I've checked the settings, and everything AOL is permitted. Any ideas, as we're going mad!

  feb 12:52 24 Feb 2005

Hi Klodshans

What AOL version and operating system? And are you on dial-up or broadband?

  Klodshans 13:11 24 Feb 2005

AOL9.0 and Win XP Home. Dialup.

  feb 15:27 24 Feb 2005

Do you have BT's 1571 answer service? This can sometimes cause problems.

Try running AOL's computer check-up program, it's usually very good at finding and fixing problems.

And try searching for new numbers, on opening AOL click on, sign on options >add numbers and follow the instructions, although Check-up may do this for you!

  Klodshans 16:20 24 Feb 2005

Hello feb
Yes, we do have 1571 but as far as I can see there have been no calls at the time we have had the problem! We have tried to run the AOL check but had trouble staying on line long enough! However, we've finally got the AOL Update they've been going on about for so long (this a.m.) and since then the problem hasn't appeared - scrap what I just said because believe it or not it just happened right now!!!
Will keep you posted, many thanks for your effort.

  feb 16:31 24 Feb 2005

Glad to hear you got it sorted

  Diemmess 16:35 24 Feb 2005

When I used Aol dialup, the 1571 service didn't give me any hassle, though I believe feb is on the right lines with BT's "Call Waiting"

"feb" also mentioned alternative numbers. That is definitely worthwhile finding the best one for you.

Apart from that you may have a "scratchy" line. Guesswork, but it does happen and there are usually intermittent backgound noises when using the phone to talk. (Typically caused by corroded or failing connection beween your house and the nearest pole.)

  pat-212841 17:03 24 Feb 2005

I had the same problem and after i kept getting cut off i do 1471 on the phone and no one has called but i just gone to silver broadband only £2a month more but its so worth it ,its quicker you can use the phone at the same time i dont get disconnected now only down side is you go on a 12month contract

  Graham ® 17:07 24 Feb 2005

Is your modem V92?

  Graham ® 17:09 24 Feb 2005

And do you have 'Call Waiting' activated?

  Klodshans 17:37 24 Feb 2005

Hi everybody, thanks for all the suggestions! We don't have call waiting, but I take your points about 1571 service. Modem is not V92. We don't have broadband yet here in Cornwall - not until June, we must be the last! But we are going onto it as soon as possible. We don't have a scratchy line, we had that years ago, but it's OK now. I'll be looking for other numbers as well, but we've finally got the system stabilised for now (fingers crossed) and a checkup done, it seems OK for now. Will update when I've got any news. Thanks a lot to you all, keep it coming if you've got any more ideas.

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