InCd wont stop formatting

  snooker 18:05 27 Oct 2007

How long should it take to format a CD-RW in
The process seemed to go ok but when the green progress line reached the end it just stopped and i've been waiting for a format-complete message for about 2 hours.
How do I close the window so I can shut down?

It doesn't appear in Windows Task Manage and the computer warns me against shutting down while the task is still running

  pj123 18:11 27 Oct 2007

Forget it. You don't need to format any CD.

I don't even have InCD installed on my computer.

Just use Nero in Multisession mode.

  Diemmess 18:25 27 Oct 2007

Are you saying that rewritable CDs don't need formatting?

I understood that I couldn't use drag-and-drop methods except on a rewritable disk?

I confess that I have unused sample CDRW disks which I have never used, but that is because I don't trust their longevity.

  Diemmess 18:35 27 Oct 2007

For the present crisis it seems that snooker is effectivly frozen, so all I can suggest is a shove on the reboot button!

  tullie 18:42 27 Oct 2007

As pj123 says,no need to format cds or dvds.

  Bapou 19:47 27 Oct 2007

I found InCD more bother than it's worth. Unreliable to say the least, files disappearing, conflicting with other programs.

Creating a multisession with Nero Express brings no problems at all.

  pj123 14:01 28 Oct 2007

Diemmess, yes. Just drag and drop using Nero in Multisession mode.

You also have to use Nero to delete files from a rewritable CD/DVD.

I have never formatted a CD/DVD at all.

As Bapou says, InCD more bother than it's worth.

  Totally-braindead 14:05 28 Oct 2007

I found InCD to be a complete nightmare and no longer use it.

  Diemmess 14:18 28 Oct 2007

I am using the most update version of Nero 6 ( and not Nero 7.

Prophetic perhaps but when (trying to help snooker) I inserted the only CDRW I have with some old files on it, the computer crashed out to a blue screen filled with dire news and threats!

Happy to say a reboot was all it needed.
InCD is installed but not running at startup.
I will uninstall as soon as.

  snooker 21:14 28 Oct 2007

Thanks for all your comments.

I had to reboot to solve the immediate problem.

The recording process appeared ok and the WAV tracks seemed to be on the CD-RW disc on completion but it wouldn't play on pc or cd.
Last week I had no problem with CD-R
(All Verbatim)
The tracks had been MP3 which I had reformatted in alternatively Audacity and Switch.
I understand now that using Nero the reformat can be automatic. Any comments?

  pj123 13:17 02 Nov 2007

I use Nero

If you make an Audio CD from .wav or .mp3 files Nero will automatically convert them to .cda

If you want to keep mp3 files as mp3 on a CD you need to burn the CD as Data and not Audio.

You also need to finalise the CD before it will play in a CD player.

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