InCd - replacing CD-RW drive tip

  lemon2 17:21 21 Feb 2003

Heres a tip for anyone changing their CD-RW drive with InCD installed on their PC.

InCD is specific to the drive installed, and if you just swap the drives over, you'll run into problems, if you don't uninstall InCD first. Change the the drives and reinstall InCD for your new drive. And if like me you also have Roxio Direct CD, you'll have to reinstall that too.

I had forgotten this, this afternoon, when I upgraded my aging 10*4*32 to a new 48*24*48 CD-RW. I "wasted" three hours looking for conflicts that weren't there. As soon as I rebooted with the new drive, Windows loaded and got as far as "New CD-ROM drive found" and then went into a reboot/restart loop! After going back and forth, in and out of Safe Mode, I remembered that InCD is specific to the drive!

I then, uninstalled InCD, reconnected the CD-RW, booted - no problems now!, reinstalled InCD, whereupon it recognised my new drive. Rebooted, reinstalled Direct CD. (Direct CD just won't recognise the drive as existing if you don't), but it doesn't cause the sort of problems that InCD does if you don't uninstall it. Rebooted.

Asking myself, why I didn't remember that earlier - so I thought I'd post it here, in case anyone is upgrading their drives and doesn't want to waste three hours looking for "phantom" conflicts.

  Lú-tzé 18:03 21 Feb 2003

Thanks. lemon2. I have to replace a cd-rw drive soon and will watch out for InCD being on the machine.

  ams4127 19:46 21 Feb 2003

Thanks from me too. Like Lú-tzé, I am going to replace my ageing drive soon and didn't know about problems with InCD.

You've saved me from possible suicide!!

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