Pillo 22:26 11 May 2004

Can anyone out there tell me why InCD won't recoginise my NEC 2500A DVD-RW?? As far as I can make out the spec makes the machine compatible with InCD. I'm using InCD version

  Rtus 22:59 11 May 2004

click here
may or may-not help But it could be due to previous burning software still being on the drive.check that before all else. You dont say which O/S your running but if you have a boot drive & can the access the DVD to read from it It should give an indication its software related problem.

  Rtus 23:01 11 May 2004

Beg your pardon folks .. I meant Boot Disk not boot drive ..

  Pillo 23:28 11 May 2004


Thanks for the link - there's some very useful info there. Lot's of food for thought.

By the way I've just rebuilt my OS (again!) and I'm running XP Pro with all the updates. I'm using Nero 6.0 burning s/w and I've disabled windows own burning capability. Everything works fine - I can burn music CD's, DVD movies etc. infact everything works fine except for InCD. It just thinks there's no compatible drive present. I've even re-installed my old Philips CD burner alongside my NEC DVD writer and InCD sees it! Won't work properly, though!! But I think there may be a problem with the Philips when using InCD. But at least InCD recognises the Philips drive.

Anyway, I'll try some of the stuff on that link you gave me. Thanks again.

  Rtus 23:54 11 May 2004

please Dont attempt firmware upgrade unless its for your model and follows your firmware version that you have now.

  BRYNIT 00:44 12 May 2004

Have you tried the version of InCD click here

  Pillo 09:43 12 May 2004


Thanks for the response. I downloaded it last night and tried installing it but it asks for a serial number before it will complete the installation. Where do I get that from?? Had to put V3 back on - still no good.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 10:35 12 May 2004

Where did you get Nero 6.

  Bertt 10:46 12 May 2004

I had similar problems after installing Nero 5.5 and InCD from the nero site. Nothing nero suggested worked. In the end I deinstalled both, using the cleaner tool, which can be downloaded, and installed nero from my disc and did not update it. I then downloaded InCD and it worked. so, if nothing works, clean all nero and InCD files from your drive, using the clean tool not add and remove programmes, and reinstall nero from your disc, not the web site. Your serial number is given to you when you first pay for Nero. It is on the disc envelope or if you do not have a disc, but have it from a download and have paid for it, Nero wll tell you how to get it if you ask them using their contact procedure.

  Pillo 00:33 13 May 2004

Thanks for that I'll give it a try when I next have the time. I'll let you know how I get on.

  Pillo 19:42 18 May 2004

Thanks for all your help, people.
I finally managed to install InCD version 4 and all is fine.
Though I now have a sneaking suspicion that Nero 6 allows you to do what InCD does without having to install InCD (if you see what I mean!!).

Anyway, thanks again

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