InBoxer Spam filter

  anchor 14:44 23 Feb 2004

I note that this received the PCA Gold award in the January 2004 edition.

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Has anyone tried it yet, and if so, what is their opinion?.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:43 23 Feb 2004

I have used Inboxer for over three months as a test for some clients. It is a superb spam filter and learns very quickly. I have set it to check an account that is deliberately made available to advertising and a few friends. In all the time on trial it has never sent a serious email straight to spam but holds them in a review file. Once the message has been allowed it learns immediately/ You can set Inboxer to delete spam automatically or let you review it.

The only downside is that it will only work in Outlook not express. It now deletes all the spam/advertising without me reviewing any of it.


  anchor 16:53 23 Feb 2004

Thank you for your reply GONADAL <|:-)>.

That is good news; at last a spam filter that seems to really work!.

Fortunately, I use Outlook.

  anchor 16:55 23 Feb 2004

Sorry about that Gandalf.

The mistake in your name was not down to me; it was the iSpell correcting it, and I did not notice. Gonadal indeed!! - lol

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