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  sarah1980 18:08 22 Dec 2006

My laptop only has around 20MB of memory left. When I powered down last night it started to go through the "back-up process" but i don't think it could have worked as when I got in this morning and tried to open Outlook 2000, i received an error message saying "The contents of this folder cannot be displayed". And then tells me to use th Inbox Repair Tool.

So I did this, and after running it there were 55 errors found. When I clicked "repair" to repair the damaged files, it starts the repair process and then freezes up and eventually i get the "this program is not responding" message.

Is this happening due to the lack of memory? I cannot really afford to delete many files (I am in the process of buying a new PC with a larger HDD capacity to solve the problem). I cannot even move the files over onto a CD to free up some space, because there is not enough memory to write the temporary files.

Will I ever be able to get my Inbox back?Thankfully it is only the inbox I can't access, not the sent items and perdonal folders.

Any advice gratefully received! Thanks...

  Kate B 18:12 22 Dec 2006

When you say memory, I presume you mean hard drive space? It could be the problem, 20MB is nothing these days. How about putting some of your files on to DVDs or CDs, or better, an external hard drive and clearing some space on your C drive?

  sarah1980 18:17 22 Dec 2006

Kate - thanks for this. As I mentioned in my original post, there is not enough memory to create the temporary files required in order to write the photos to CD's, unfotunately.

i'm a bit of a novice, but I have heard about external hard drives. Can you recommend one and how does it work?

  rodriguez 18:31 22 Dec 2006

Computers make temporary files all the time - they store Internet pages you go on and copies files during installations to a temporary folder. These are supposed to automatically get deleted, but sometimes they don't. To clean these up and get a bit more space, go to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup. Select the drive you want to clean up (which should be C:) and press OK. After a while, a box will come up with a list of things to clean. Tick all the boxes, then go to the More Options tab, go System Restore at the bottom and press Clean Up. This will take a couple of mins but when it's done, go back to the Disk Cleanup tab, check that the items are ticked then press OK. It will ask if you're sure so press Yes then leave it to clean up. You should now have some more space free on your drive.

  Curio 18:34 22 Dec 2006

An external Hard Drive (borrowed if need be) could be used to copy/paste files from one drive to the other.
Or of course a large capacity USB Memore stick could be used in same way.

  FreeCell 18:36 22 Dec 2006

Try and make a bit more space available first by running Disk CLean Up found in the System Tools folder in Start programs. If you clear out the internet temporary files and other temporary files then that will make some space available. YTou can also delete any downloaded files that you have installed (e.g AdAware) as you can download again if needed.

External hard drives are from about £60 up. Lots to choose from but a good example see
click here

Buffalo and Maxtor/Seagate are usually well rated.

  sarah1980 18:37 22 Dec 2006

Thank you for your advice. I keep getting a message popping up saying "low disk space condition" and then takes me through the disk cleanup process. Even after this, there is still a critically low amount of space left. I cannot defrag as it says you need at least 200mb of memory to do this.

Do you think that if I free up enough space I will be able to get my Inbox back?

  Kate B 18:50 22 Dec 2006

You need to clear some data off it, definitely. Buy yourself a drive such the one in the link and move all your pictures and music on to it and you'll see a big improvement in performance.

I'd also suggest once you've cleared some space doing scans with all the usual stuff - AV, Spybot, Adaware, A Squared, CC Cleaner and Windows Defender.

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