inappropriate downloads

  cooked cow 17:08 18 Mar 2007
Locked can i stop inappropriate downloads via msn.
i don't want to stop the teenagers using msn,but they and there freinds keep sending it to each other.(they think it's funny!)

  p;3 18:32 18 Mar 2007

does one dare ask what type of stuff is being thrown between comps?

and I would have thought that if they cannot use the MSN appropriately then you remove it from the comp

  skidzy 18:56 18 Mar 2007

Going to be hard to stop them unless you are over there shoulder 24/7.

I have several enquires to this sort of question,and without using a third party software program,its down to trust.

What you could try:

open there msn account and goto tools/security and untick allow links in conversation and untick start a conversation from a link and ok.

This is easily changed and will go down to trust im afraid.

Other options is to try something like Net Nanny click here but this will cost you.

  p;3 19:48 18 Mar 2007

the other larger risk of course is that you stand to get infected very quickly
a comp I am cleaning was on the net for less than the blink of an eye and with MSN and got infected

does one also dare ask what av protection and other protection is on the comp?

  Nellie2 23:57 18 Mar 2007

To start with, you should change their account from an administrators account to a limited one click here
Then password protect your account and the admin account that you can get to when you boot into safe mode, that will stop them changing the permissions back to administrator.

You can stop file downloads by going to the Control Panel and clicking on Internet Options, click on the security tab and then on Custom Levels. Change File download from Enable to Disable.
Of course... that won't stop them changing the settings back if they can figure out what you have done.

One of the really good things about Windows Vista is the Parental controls. click here Perhaps you could think about swapping over to Vista in the near future.

Of course the best course of action would be to take the power lead out of the back of the PC and hide it somewhere safe... if they think it's so funny to download stuff when you have specifically told them not to then they don't deserve PC privileges.

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