Inability to see properly

  Buchan 35 20:08 10 Jun 2005

Hi fellow Helproom Forum readers. For the past three years I`ve had whats called "Age Related Macular Degeneration". Some of you might know what it is.
If I close my right eye I cannot view my monitor.
the same happens when I close the right eye and cannot see my wife`s face. (forget the jokes) I`m now in the situation where my right eye is going.
I`m off to Queen`s Medical Centre for, hopefully, laser treatment after which I can come back here and be the same eejit as before. Cheers all, you`ve been good friends

  SANTOS7 20:17 10 Jun 2005

I have had partial sight in my right eye (not repairable) since birth so i sort of know where your coming from, as a personal message good luck to you
Buchan55 and i hope any treatment is a success

[email protected].......

  amonra 20:22 10 Jun 2005

All the very best. I know what it's like to get a SLIGHT loss of vision due to double-vision and it's not funny. You don't realise how valuable your sight is until you lose it. Good luck with the op and keep taking the tablets !

  tonyx1302 20:37 10 Jun 2005

As an avid reader of this forum and a sometimes contributer, I will miss, for the time it takes for your sight to improve (Positive thinking Buchan!), reading your imputes.I wish you what you wish yourself.


  Meshuga 20:42 10 Jun 2005

Hi Buchan35, I too send best wishes and hope your treatment will be very successfull and that you will soon be back here.

  dan11 20:45 10 Jun 2005

Sorry to hear of your problem but wishing you the very best.

Hurry back to the rest of us eejit's.;-)



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:47 10 Jun 2005

Queens med (Nottm?) Good hospitalwas there yesterday, Best of luck see you when get back.


  Dorsai 20:51 10 Jun 2005

All the best, Sure our much maligned Health Service will do whatever can be done...

  dan11 22:35 10 Jun 2005


For the night shift.

  Pooke 22:39 10 Jun 2005

Best wishes Buchan 35.



  daisy2bell 22:58 10 Jun 2005

Best wishes, hope all goes well

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