Improving wireless laptop reception

  j3nks 13:54 28 Sep 2005

I wish to improve the wireless network reception for a centrino laptop, currently it can receive the signal outside of the house it is in but once inside there is no signal. Would it be best to try and boost reception by using a directional wireless PC Card (as shown in Pc Advisor latest issue) or to use a repeater to boost the signal before it gets to the laptop?

I dont think boosting the router output is the answer as it still has to receive the signal from the laptop which is probably the weakest link.

By the way the Laptop is located in another building so networking over the mains electricity cannot be used.

If I use a repeater does it need to be the same make as my router as I dont think netgear have a repeater?

All advice would be greatfully received


  Diodorus Siculus 21:29 28 Sep 2005


  woodchip 21:46 28 Sep 2005

First what is the router if it's 11g then you should get better connection if you use a card that matches the router same make 11g I use a 3Com and can get way up the garden into caravan or use round the house. so long as there are not too many walls for the signal to go through

  Dipso 22:11 28 Sep 2005

Do you have the latest firmware for your laptop's wireless card? I had some problems with a Netgear router and a Centrino with the Intel Pro Wireless card until I updated the firmware.

  Chegs ® 22:15 28 Sep 2005

I would tend to think of ways to get the WiFi side of the laptop looked at,it seems strange that it would work better further away from the router than nearer.

  j3nks 22:30 28 Sep 2005

The router is Netgear 11g
The laptop is in another building approx 30 meters away hence why the signal drops off when going inside the building (it is getting further away). I get acceptable reception outside but just drops off completely when inside.
Need a solution that will boost reception and output of laptop
I know there is no guarantee unless I put a wired connection but kind of defeating the point.

  Chegs ® 22:42 28 Sep 2005

How about a WiFi unit such as a USB variety similar to one I had recently.It was on about a metre long lead so I could tape the "ariel" to a window,or use it in the car with the TX/RX on the dashboard and the laptop perched on the seat.I have replaced it(as it died inexplicably)with a PCM card,and find that this is nowhere near as efficient at TX/RX from within the car.

  dan11 22:54 28 Sep 2005

The obvious answer is to move the router. If it just sends a WiFi signal ( files and internet )and is not hard wired to a static machine. I would move the router to a nearer location, if that is possible. all the setting will be now inbuilt. You would just need a power point and a telephone socket ( if adsl ).

If that is not possible, then I would go for the repeater/booster. This would take the signal and push it further along. It will work vice versa, so the strength of signal from the laptop should be fine.

  Chegs ® 23:02 28 Sep 2005

click here

Similar to these.

  Chegs ® 23:11 28 Sep 2005

click here

Or this one,although I think its the 11b instead of 11g spec.

  j3nks 23:27 28 Sep 2005

Router is hardwired to 2 PC's in current location also happens to be in the closest location with the least number of obstructions between it and the second property.

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