Improvements for first website?

  STEVE71163 20:46 08 Jul 2003

I have just finished my first website and would like some suggestions for improvements as i am sure their will be many.


The site is click here

  Taran 21:41 08 Jul 2003

I think it might be time for me to hang up my keyboard...

If that's your first attempt you've done a tremendous job.

What does the company think of your efforts ?

  AndySD 22:31 08 Jul 2003

I have to agree with Taran here. Its good clean and very fast.

  AshW 22:36 08 Jul 2003

Nice. Closing off the right hand side tables with a 1px black border would finish it off nicely, IMHO. 23:12 08 Jul 2003

Gets to the point, fast to load, easy to read. Excellent. Well done, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 23:29 08 Jul 2003

what an improvement on the initial version.

If I wanted to be hyper-critical (and that's why you're here after all), I would suggest that you consider altering the cleaning images to show someone's face rather than their back. I assume that the person in the pictures is in fact you, and perhaps you can re-shoot to include your smiling face? You would be surprised at the difference it would make - both to the appearance of the page, and to the reaction of your visitors.

Have you been giving any thought to how you're going to market the site? There's not much point in having a good-looking and well planned site if nobody knows it's there.

  STEVE71163 06:55 09 Jul 2003

Thanks everyone for your comments. Taran i am the proprieotor of the company so i have had no one look at the site yet apart from here. FE i have noted your comments about the pictures and will take a few new shots soon. Marketing the site i have not given any thought to yet but would be grateful for any advice.

  slowhand_1000 16:53 09 Jul 2003

Nice and clean (pardon the pun) and it took all of ......... about 3 secs to load.

Agree with FE comments, a front on pic of yourself would be much better.

Well done

  STEVE71163 18:51 09 Jul 2003

I have been told to fill in the description and keyword sections as it will help with search engines. I have looked but can not find these so how do i find them?

  AndySD 19:41 09 Jul 2003

Ok as an example click here then in the view menu of the page choose Source... look dowm the list to

<meta name="keywords" content="carpet cleaning UK,upholstery cleaning,curtain cleaning,stain removal,scotchgardprotection,scotchgard,england,scotland,wales,ireland">


<meta name="description" content="Proclean is an organisation providing professional carpet, upholstery cleaning and scotchgard protection services in the UK">

both these need to go in the head of your index page with your own keywords and description inside "" and seperated with ,

  STEVE71163 19:47 09 Jul 2003

Thanks AndySD I thought thats how you do it but i can not see keywords in my code?

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