improve web images in opera on a pc? shift +R :(

  theDarkness 14:56 29 Apr 2009

i am using my mobile connected to the pc for web access, and i use opera as my browser on the pc. images seem to be of much lower quality, even though i am using opera 9 on the pc, so it must lower the quality to speed up the download of pages. how can i view images at their maximum quality?

shift + R is the way im supposed to do it, as a pop up tells me this will improve any image i am hovering over with the mouse pointer, but it doesnt always work. im wondering if there is a image quality setting i can switch on or off from within operas options menu? i cant seem to find it! :( i just wanted to see how slow/fast pc opera would be if everything was on max quality, using my phone to connect.

i have tried other browsers, but they all seem to have low image quality, so im not sure how to fix the issue-thanks

  theDarkness 15:59 29 Apr 2009

i have found its got nothing to do with opera, all browsers give poor imagery if you connect your phone with net access to your pc.

supposedly it has more to do with O2 and your provider of choice only allowing low res images! click here

surely that defeats the purpose of 3g and its high speed equivalent?! some users have found third party software (depending to their provider of choice) to give pages with high quality images, but there doesnt seem to be anything for o2. i seem to be stuck with only using IE, and hitting CTRL+F5 on every single page to improve overall image quality!

  theDarkness 16:03 29 Apr 2009

i am wondering if lossy (lower quality) images also happens with 'proper' mobile modems, in order for internet provider companies such as O2 to sneakily keep their bandwidth down? I would certainly think again before deciding on purchasing a mobile modem if so.

  theDarkness 03:52 24 May 2009

Vodaphone mobile modems can give you poor image quality, it can be either the software you have installed doing the downgrading on your pc, or your network, of which you would have no control of increasing quality! more info
click here

I am wondering if anyone is using a mobile modem for their pc with any other company, and if they can confirm that they also downgrade web image quality for their users? I suppose it helps the phone company and saves them money, but i would have thought mobile modems could approach speeds of home connections, given the choice. I do not want to buy mobile internet if they are giving me lower quality in any sense, although as to whether the general consumer actually cares or not, is questionable! you notice poorer quality images using your own mobile modem when comparing to your home connection? Or if you are using a mobile modem on your desktop pc, have you noticed images to be of poorer quality? If so i would like to know what network you are connected with. Thanks

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