Improve SKY wireless connectivity?

  jamesgs1 21:40 16 Oct 2010

Hi forum, does anyone know a way of improving Sky wireless connectivity? my router is located out in my garden in an office, the download speed is great 16mb, however, the 6m walk from the shed/office kills my wireless capability. Even more of a problem if I try to use my laptop wireless upstairs!

I have looked at sites advertising repeaters etc, but as always so much jargon about a subject that I guess effects most people using the basic sky router.

So whats the answer, anyone?

TQ in advance

  Tim1964 23:05 17 Oct 2010

Have you considered homeplug devices? They can be had for around £40 a pair (assuming you have electricity in the shed/office). If not try moving the router higher up and next to the external wall nearest the shed.

  Tim1964 23:07 17 Oct 2010

Forgot the link

click here

as an example.

  dms_05 16:39 18 Oct 2010

I'd also recommend Homeplugs. More secure and as fast as WiFi. It's also plu'n'play unlike WiFi which can be a pain.

I bought a couple of 85 Mbps ones from click here

You attach one by LAN cable to your Router and another in a mains socket near your laptop (which then connects by LAN cable to your laptop).

  mgmcc 20:22 18 Oct 2010

Taking the Homeplug suggestion a stage further, there are "wireless" Homeplug adapters. You could therefore connect the router to a normal Homeplug in the shed/office and plug a "wireless" one into a socket in the house to give you WiFi in the house.

Alternatively, you could plug a stand-alone "Wireless Access Point" into a standard Homeplug in the house.

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