importing pictures and videos

  susiepops 20:10 06 Jan 2009

I am using windows vista sp3

When I insert an sd card with photos the window 'importing pictures and videos comes up on the screen as expected. On the small window is an 'options' choice which allowed for deletion of photos from the SD card after photos had been downloaded.

However whilst the option choice still shows in the window the, clicking on 'options' no longer has the desired effect. I am not sure whether this has resulted from a windows update but does anyone know how to recover the 'option' box

  Technotiger 20:43 06 Jan 2009

Do a normal re-start of your PC, then try the card again.

  susiepops 20:46 06 Jan 2009

This was not a 'one-off'situation.

I have put up with this on the last 6 occasions I have uploaded photos. Meanwhile the PC will have been re-started on many occasions.

  Technotiger 20:51 06 Jan 2009

If your card reader is a USB item, try it in a different USB slot, and if your PC is a Desktop, use one of the USB slots on the rear of the case.

  susiepops 22:27 06 Jan 2009

It seems we are going in the wrong direction.

I have no problems with uploading photos using the Windows importing feature. The problem I have is only with the options feature which no longer works when I click on it. One of the options was to delete photos from the SD card after they have been uploaded but this seems no longer available. As a result I now have to replace the SD card in the camera and use that to delete photos to clear the card for further use.

Have WIndows disabled this feature in the last few months or if not does anyone know how I can recover the 'options' feature.

  Technotiger 22:32 06 Jan 2009

Can you not delete photos from the card by a right-click on the photo(s) and choosing Delete?

  susiepops 00:26 07 Jan 2009

I too thought this would be second best but the system will not allow me to delete the photos from the card

  FRANKMAC 01:27 07 Jan 2009

Have you checked the most obvious, that is the built-in write-protect switch that avoids unintentional data loss, this is normally a very small switch on the side of the card.

  Technotiger 08:52 07 Jan 2009

A good point by FRANKMAC, I should have thought of that too.

  susiepops 09:01 07 Jan 2009

Unfortunately it is not that simple. If the card was write protected I would not be able to delete the photos using the camera.

I do not know whether anyone has inserted a flash card into their windows vista system, used the option to upload using the Windows import feature, and then clicked on the options button to see whether or not the options to delete the card contents after import.

If this works OK for others then either there is a way that I can bring this feature back or the program has become corrupted.

Grateful for any more thoughts.

  Technotiger 09:04 07 Jan 2009

I am using XP, so can't try that one for you.

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