importing photos from camera to pc

  tapsilteerie 16:37 02 Sep 2007

after I imported a batch of photos from my fuji camara to laptop (windows vista home premium)-I tried to remove redeye from one and made a mess of it by deleting the features of faces,unfortunately this was now permanent on this photo.I then deleted that batch of photos and tried to reimport only for a message to appear saying that "there were no new photos on this disc" Can anyone help please ?

  holme 16:47 02 Sep 2007

Oh dear... Some digital cameras (possibly yours) have a nasty little habit of /moving/ images from their storage medium to the PC, rather than /copying/ them and leaving the originals in the camera.

From your reported symptoms, I fear this is possibly what has happened.

The only thing I can suggest is, firstly disconnect the camera, then restart the PC and try again. That may 'reset' the system. Fingers crossed.

  tapsilteerie 17:01 02 Sep 2007

thanks-but they were only copied and the originals are still in the camera.

  Jollyjohn 17:47 02 Sep 2007

You could try using windows explorer to copy the photos again. If you try to copy an existing picture you will get a prompt asking if you wish to overwrite.

  holme 18:16 02 Sep 2007

Shift change - different person posting...

I've heard of this one before and, if memory serves, it was a camera support software problem.

Suggest you try the Fugi website for a posible upgrade. HTH.

  lil27 08:03 03 Sep 2007

I have a Fuji Camera and use this with Vista Home Premium. I have not imstalled the Fuji Software on the PC (did not get round to it).
I simply plug in the USB cable between PC & Camera and go to my computer, select the removable drive (i.e your camera) and this should identify the fuji folder on your camera and possibly a folder called DCIM or similar. You should then be able to simply copy and paste the photo's to any folder on your PC.

  egapup 08:31 03 Sep 2007

Or, get a card reader and remove the memory card from the camera and plug it into the reader...worked for me.

  P1d 13:26 03 Sep 2007

I've just learnt that it is recommended to always remove the card from the camera and use a card reader to copy your pictures across, then once you are happy with the pictures on your pc, reformat your card, don't delete or move the files from the card as multiple read/writes to the card can shorten it's life span.

You could try Lexar Image Rescue to try to get your images back.

Good luck.


  holme 18:54 03 Sep 2007

Just to add a PS to P1d's comment about reformatting a media card, I've heard reports that (re-)formatting it in a computer can result in the card not being recognised by the camera. :-(

However, re-re-formatting it in the camera reportedly always works. :-)

  P1d 09:01 04 Sep 2007

Thanks holme, I should have reiterated that. It's mainly DSLR cameras but it's worth getting into the habit of formatting the card in the camera. I always copy the pics from my card onto my laptop, make sure they are ok and reformat the card in the camera.

PPS. Same goes for anything that takes a memory card, format it in the device it is to be used in.

  john bunyan 10:59 04 Sep 2007

holme, P1d. Good points, I fully agree. I have had difficulty displaying a slideshow on an SD card uploaded from a computer to display on TV via a Panasonic HD DVD recorder with SD slot. It reinforces the point of formatting on the camera or recording device.

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