importing outlook express files

  dobbin 13:45 20 Apr 2004

I have dragged my outlook express files from one computer running win 98 to a new one running win xp, both are using ie 6. I do this via usb cable and a programme called PC-Linq which has always worked very well for me in the past. When I look for them in explorer they are all there, in the correct place that is C;\documents&settings\owner\localsettings\application data\identities\guid\microsoft\outlook express but they do not show amongst the folders when I open internet express.

How can I make them show up in outlook express

  scotty 14:49 20 Apr 2004

Perhaps xp stores the files in a different location? In OE try creating a new folder called test. Use explorer to find test.dbx to check the location being used. Copy the files to this location.

  dobbin 20:43 23 Apr 2004

Thanks for your suggestion Scotty. I had tried this, but it merely confirmed, that I had put the files in the right place. However I eventually got over it by creating a set of folders with identical names and I then dragged the original folders on to these and when asked if I wanted to overwrite the new folders clicked yes. The files then showed up in outlook express when I opened it. I can't explain why.

  QuickHare 20:51 23 Apr 2004

Place them all in a folder you can get to easily.

Open Outlook Express.

Go to File, Import, Messages.

From the list, select the type of messages they are (Microsoft Outlook Express 6). Click Next.

Select "Import mail from an OE6 store folder" and click OK.

Browse for the folder (you can't type it in directly) and click Next.

Wait while the Emails are added to the current Inboxes, Sent folders and other places.

  Terry Brown 20:52 23 Apr 2004

The safest way to transfer you outlook files is :
Highlight all the files you want to Keep,Send them 'as attachment', to yourself. then go to your new machine and download EMail. Your Mail will come back as *.eml files. Store them in a folder or CD. Click on a file to open.

  pipedream 20:56 23 Apr 2004
  dobbin 11:15 24 Apr 2004

Many thanks everyone for your suggestions they have been a great help and I have now got it sorted

  temp003 12:08 24 Apr 2004

These must have been special folders (i.e. folders other than the default Inbox, Outbox, Drafts etc).

One of the .dbx files in the Outlook Express folder is called folders.dbx which contains the names of the OE folders (Inbox, Outbox, Drafts etc - and any special folders you create yourself). OE will only display what is contained in folders.dbx. That is why, I think, even though you've copied the mail folder (say specialfolder.dbx) to the new computer, it's not shown in OE.

You should have copied the folders.dbx file to the new computer as well. But creating the special folders manually in OE achieved the same result. Maybe next time.

  User-312386 12:12 24 Apr 2004

C:\Documents and Settings\Your Nmae\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\String value\Microsoft\Outlook Express
this will show you all

  User-312386 12:19 24 Apr 2004

Hi all

you all seem to forget one thing

you can find your folders a lot easier this way

Open outlook express. Right click inbox>select properties and then copy the complete line, omitting the inbox.dbx

then open an explorer window and paste the line in and the folder will open

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