Importing Outlook Express e-mails into Outlook

  six-h 01:25 08 Aug 2008

I have a back-up of my OE mail on a cd, and can't import it into Outlook
I select File>Import/Export> then in the wizard have tried both "Import from another prog or file"
and "Import Internet Mail and addresses"
One makes Outlook "hang", and the other does nothing, and sends me an e-mail confirming it!

Please can someone tell me how to do It???

  brundle 01:29 08 Aug 2008

Copy them to hard-drive, unset the Read-Only bit, then import.

  six-h 01:32 08 Aug 2008

After opting for "import from another prog or file", I've tried selecting both "Coma seperated values" and "Outlook Express"

My Back-up CD has the files stored as ".dbx" files.
What to do!!?

  six-h 01:39 08 Aug 2008

I'll try doing that, but which path should I then follow from the above examples!

Maybe you san advise me re. OE Address Book>Outlook Contacts

I've imported my old OE addressbook into what I assume is the Outlook equivalent, "Contacts", however, any entries without e-mail addresses have disappeared!
Attempting to add them, I am told that this info already exists!
Though for the life of me I can't find it!!
Probably done something wrong again!

  brundle 01:43 08 Aug 2008

The only thing I can suggest is to export the newly-added-to contact list, wipe what you have entirely and re-import. It may be linked to the .PST file though, so may not work. I'm not all that familiar with Outlook.

Here are a couple of things to try ; click here and the link to 287563 halfway down the page.

  six-h 02:28 08 Aug 2008

more confused than before!!
Think I'll give up on that one.
Tried copying backed-up e-mails folder to Desktop, but when importing, only get the option to import to "Inbox" whilst the back-up folder contains all the contents of all the old OE boxes, In, Out, Draft, Deleted etc.
Had the Idea to copy the Inbox back-up file to the DT. but as it's a ".dbx file" the import wizard can't see it!
Managed to get it to see the file by opting for File type "Comma seperated values", thought I'd cracked it, but continuing, I get an error msg.

"Error occured in the "CSV" translator, Verify you have correct file, and permission to open it, and that it's not open in another prog."

There must be a logical solution to this but I'm dammned if I can see it!

  Ditch999 11:13 08 Aug 2008

Try importing them to OE then import them to Outlook from OE.
Create a new Identity in OE to do this as I believe the import process may overwrite all your mail in your current folders.

  six-h 14:33 08 Aug 2008

Thanks, I'll have a look at that once I've sorted the current problem, 'cos I'm sure that there must be a way from within "Vista"!

Can't understand what you're suggesting.
I am running "Vista Ultimate" and "Office 2007", so I don't have Outlook Express on this machine.
I used to have it on my old PC which ran XP Home SP2, but that's a cinder now!

  Ditch999 15:04 08 Aug 2008

OK then
Use Windows Mail instead of OE.
Import to Windows Mail from CD
Import to Outlook from WM

  Ditch999 15:06 08 Aug 2008

Have a read at this click here
Note the bit about being Administrator
"IMPORTANT: during the importing process we recommend that you run Windows Mail as an administrator. If you do not run it as an administrator the import process might fail."

  six-h 15:08 08 Aug 2008

What's the point of that then?
It looks suspiciously like Outlook Express!
Can I run both that and Outlook, together?

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