Importing music from cd drive Problem - Pse Help!

  expeds86 15:22 18 Aug 2006

Hi, My son has just purchased a new Dell 1300. in trying to rip music from the cd drive to the hard drive via Dell Media the option to copy to hdd was not available. My own laptop dell xps gen2 has the same package and allows me to copy from cd to hdd.what are we doing wrong? thanks for any help you can give.


  Jak_1 19:48 18 Aug 2006

I don't have a Dell but try using Windows Media Player' rip facility. So long as this is for personal use!

  expeds86 19:55 18 Aug 2006

Hi Jak_1
Thank you for your response, much appreciated. Yes we did in fact rip from the Windows media Player, to check if the pc actually can do its stuff. However, the Dell Media Experience is in fact superior to the Windows one which is why we wanted to try and work it. Thank you for your help.


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