Importing from MS Outlook to MS outlok express

  Mutant_Llama 12:38 11 Aug 2004

Our IT have decided that they are going to start deleting email over 180 days old on our email server.

We use MICROSOFT OUTLOOK across the network (so email messages are held on an email server) but we also have a local copy of OUTLOOK EXPRESS.

I have used the IMPORT option in OUTLOOK EXPRESS to import my email from MS OUTLOOK to OUTLOOK EXPRESS and this has worked fine.

I plan to import messages regularly so I can keep important messages safe but have found that the import option doubles up messages already copied there any way of setting the import to not bring across duplicate emails?

  xania 16:36 11 Aug 2004

Just a thought. I assume that the import works on the inbox, so if you set up a separate folder called, say, <Already processed> and move all your inbox into this after completing each import, if the import just processes the mail in the inbox, the old messages will not be duplicated. Make sure that you set up your new folder as a sub-folder of the Mailbox and NOT as a sub-folder of your Inbox.

Good luck!

  cga 16:51 11 Aug 2004

You coud set up two accounts on OE and flip flop between them.

Then you would just need to clear the account before you downloaded.

I dont know of any setting that will check existing mails and not duplicate them (which is what I think you were looking for) but then I am not an OE expert.

  Mutant_Llama 18:37 11 Aug 2004

You are correct CGA I was looking for an automated system to check email headers and then not copy them across if they already existed, or just simply overwrite them again if they did....

Cheers Xania, your idea sounds good...
I have numerous email subfolders (personnel, updates, virus alerts etc) and the subfolders are copied across and updated as you import. This means I will need to do an import to create the folders, rename them to something else (personnel to personnel actual) and then delete all emails from MS OUTLOOK. That way when I reimport it will only have new emails and then I will need to copy the emails from the newly created folders to the renamed folders.


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