Importing Documents to new website

  griffo 16:36 02 Apr 2007

I need to import certain regulatory documents onto our website. This involves being able to insert both Word and PDF documents but it's vital that formatting (logos, tick boxes etc.) is not lost in the process.

At present I only have an HTML Editor facility from the people who built the basic site. Can anyone please advise how I might do this or what software I can/should get to do it?


  Forum Editor 17:59 02 Apr 2007

that you want to upload documents to the site so they can be downloaded by your site visitors there's no problem. You can use one of the many available FTP programs to create a new directory on the server, and transfer the documents into it. If you have a lot of documents it's helpful to create two directories - one for Word docs and one for PDF's. Then you'll need to create html hyperlinks to each document. Clicking on one of the links will make a visitor's browser open a download dialogue box, and the document is transferred to his/her computer. Provided the person concerned has the same version of Word as the one in which you created the documents (or a later version) there'll be no problem - all formatting will be preserved.

PDF documents will be readable by anyone, as long as they have Adobe's free PDF reader installed. It's usual to put a hyperlink to the Adobe reader download location near your PDF hyperlinks, so users can get the reader if they don't already have it.

  griffo 20:09 02 Apr 2007

Thanks for the reply. My primary purpose isn't necessarily to provide downloadable documents, although you raise another issue there. I guess some people may wish to download the documents in question.

However, the main purpose is to import documents that we already have, in Word and PDF formats, which have to, for Regulatory purposes, appear on our new site. The people who have built our new site placed the templates I sent them onto the site but the formatting (logos and 'tick boxes') disappeared. They tell me now that there will be a charge of around £50 per page to construct them with the formatting intact.

As our site (like any other) will need to continually evolve/expand, this could become a very expensive process (has already cost a lot!). Therefore I wondered if, in addition to the HTML editor facility they've given me, there may be some software I can use, to do some of the work myself?

  Forum Editor 01:30 03 Apr 2007

I'm puzzled as to why you use it. You can save your Word documents as web pages and insert them into your site via an FTP program. There's no need for £50 a page 'construction'.

If the pages are required for regulatory purposes, but not necessarily for download, why do you need both Word docs and PDFs?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here.

  griffo 07:28 03 Apr 2007

Forgive my use of terminology. We have existing documents, mostly created in Word 2003 but some are PDF's. The ability to add the Word docs is the greatest priority. I need them to be on our website without any changes to their appearance.

I need to know how to get them on, as I only have an HTLM Editor (hope that's the right term?) facility. There are a few at present and are likely to be many more as time passes and I would like to be able to avoid the charges if possible.

  griffo 09:15 03 Apr 2007

Thanks for the replies, some useful points for protecting the integrity of the documents, once they're on there.

Excuse my ignorance but, accepting that I only have access to our site via the Editor, given to me by the web designers, how do I go about using FTP? Also, what is it and where do I get it please?

  griffo 14:45 03 Apr 2007

Name is just HTML Editor V 1.0

It doesn't have a help menu, just a toolbar and 2 tabs, Design and HTML, with a Tree Menu down the right side.

  griffo 16:03 03 Apr 2007

I have an http// link to the HTML editor referred to previously. This requires a user name and password, would this be the server ftp address?

I've had a brief look at the range of free ftp software, any suggestions which I should go for please?

  griffo 18:03 03 Apr 2007

No I haven't fallen out with them, they're fine and I know how to do the basic changes stuff. The main problem is they're saying that to put the pages we need onto the site with the logos and tick-boxes etc. will take them half a day (for 3 single page documents) at a cost of nearly £50 per page.

As this is only the start of what we want to do over time, I can see costs getting silly.

  griffo 15:47 04 Apr 2007

I've now got the FTP server address for the site , so would someone mind guiding me to the best software to try please - there seems to be quite a few to choose from?


  Forum Editor 21:58 04 Apr 2007

WSFTP Pro if you're going to be doing this on a regular basis - it's the best there is, and I wouldn't use anything else. If you don't need all the bells and whistles (and you don't if this is going to be an occasional job), you can opt for the 'home' version at just under $40

Otherwise, take a look at Smart FTP. It will cost about the same, and does the same job.

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