Importing .DBX Files

  Phate 01:10 23 Mar 2004

I currently had to reformat my hard drive, and had copied the .dbx files in my e-mail store directory onto removable media.

However, I wanted some assistance in importing this data back into OE6, as I can not seem to do this.

Attempts using File-->Import-->Messages keep resulting in an error message "No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open".

I tried creating a temporary storage folder and then importing my messages from there but the only folders available for import are said to be Deleted Items, Inbox and Outbox, when there are numerous more .dbx files for import in this folder.

Attempts at creating a folder within OE and then renaming my existing e-mail files to that name have also been in vain.

All help would be much appreciated.


  GaT7 01:22 23 Mar 2004

This should sort you out -;en-us;270670

Good luck, G

  beeuuem 01:38 23 Mar 2004

To backup your email messages copy the Outlook Express message folder to a safe location or better still to a CD-R. When you want to restore all or part of your backup, if it’s on CD-R copy the whole folder to a location on the PCs hard disc then open Outlook Express, click Import on the File menu and select Messages. From the list that appears select Outlook Express 5 (don’t worry, OE 6 uses the same file system as OE5) then Next. On the dialogue box that appears select ‘Import mail from an OE Store Directory’, click OK and use the Browse button to locate your store folder, select the items you want to import and click OK.

If this is what you have already tried - apologies

  temp003 05:21 23 Mar 2004

I think the problem may be, after selecting importing oe5 or oe6, you did not select "Import mail from an OE store directory". See beeuuem's post.

Also, if the back up was restored from CD, make sure you copy the folder back to the hard disk, then right click the folder, properties, untick Read Only, OK, apply changes to subfolders and files, OK (or select all .dbx files, right click and remove Read Only).

  Phate 07:29 23 Mar 2004

Problem solved using Microsoft Knowledge Database - Cheers.


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