Importing Contacts list to new computer

  Brenne 17:16 19 Jun 2014

I have a list of 160 email contacts in a folder (not a file) which I've named "Contacts.csv". I have tried to follow the instructions on my new Sky Yahoo e-mail page to import these, but have failed miserably. I fear I will have to enter each contact's address separately, but surely there is an easier way?

  rdave13 17:42 19 Jun 2014

The folder is only a 'casing' for the .csv file so when importing open the folder and select the file.

  lotvic 20:46 19 Jun 2014

How did you make the list of email contacts?

Confirm to us that you mean the folder is called Contacts.csv (it is possible to name a folder that - not good practice but perfectly possible)

Open the folder and tell us the name of the file inside that has the 160 email addresses on it, especially tell us the type of file, eg: .txt .doc .csv

  Brenne 23:28 19 Jun 2014

Thanks. The list was taken from my previous computer (I had used whatever the old Microsoft e-mail program was called - was it Outlook Express?). I labelled the folder with the attribute ".csv" in desperation after a dozen attempts because the Import instructions said the "file" needed this. I guessed it was unlikely to help. The folder contains only the 160+ names (in alphabetical order) and the e-mail address for each. There isn't a separate file name within the folder. If I could create a file (instead of a folder) containing these items, no doubt I could add .csv to it and import as required? If so, how?

Following the instructions I reached a pane headed "Import from file" which invites "Browse". Clicking on this opens the above mentioned folder but I can't get beyond that. Trying to enter any characters in the space next to "Browse" fails, and simply re-opens the folder. My incompetence adds to my frustration!

  rdave13 23:39 19 Jun 2014

After reaching 'browse' and finding the folder select 'all files' in the lower field to the right.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:49 20 Jun 2014

Brenne, you clearly haven't exported your address book in a format Sky Yahoo will understand. You need to create a single CSV file that contains all your contacts.

Click here then follow the instructions in the "Copy Your Outlook Express Address Book: CSV" section.

In section four you click the "Browse" button, choose a suitable location such as your Desktop then add a suitable file name such as "Contacts".

Section six refers to selecting "fields" which simply means the data you want to export. Firt name, last name, and email address are the only essential ones so you can untick all the unnecessary ones.

When the export's complete you should have a single CSV file with all your contacts which you can import into Sky.

  Brenne 12:18 23 Jun 2014

Once again, pcadvisor experts have come to the rescue. I had tried rdave13's remedy without success, so I followed Secret-Squirrel's instructions carefully, and all that I needed has now been done.

Luckily, I still had tricky access to the old (Vista) PC, and with uncharacteristic ingenuity (using cut and paste to name the file - in the absence of a keyboard connection!), the file of email names and addresses is installed for use with the Sky-Yahoo set-up on the new PC. Thank you to every one, especially Secret-Squirrel. Brenne

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