importing cds

  chrissy1 18:41 14 Aug 2010

have imported cds to my itunes library without problems but one set of cds i want to import are being read and importing very slow and does not finish at end of first track...then just noises from cd drive as though its problems with other cds ive imported....its a set of six cds and all doing the same thing....any ideas why?

  canarieslover 20:14 14 Aug 2010

It could be copy protection on the discs. A normal CD player has error correction circuits so that if a small portion of data is missing it gets interpolated from the previous and next portions of data. With a CD reader in the computer there is no error correction circuitry as that might mean that data discs with a glitch on them would also get 'error corrected' and end up with a corrupt file. The CD reader in a computer keeps re-reading a faulty section until it either gets a good reading or gives a error report or just goes into a loop of trying to read that section. If the CD's play correctly in a music CD player then that is probably the cause.

  Big L 266 08:57 15 Aug 2010


chrissy1....May I firstly ask if your six cd set is the complete boxed-set version of Beethoven Symphonies played by Herbert Von Karajan & The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra on Deutsche Grammaphon? The reason I ask is that my computer only 'rips' selected tracks from the boxed set but which otherwise play normally on a cd player.

Big L 266

  chrissy1 11:02 20 Aug 2010

No is a rock and roll lengends one.......i know i can put onto mp player from my normal player but wanted to make another set of cds for a friend.....tried them on windows media player too but same problem.

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