Import Photos and Music from Iphone

  Cara2 13:57 19 Nov 2010

Have lost all data on my computer - however it is all on my Iphone.

I think I will loose everything if I try to sync with Itunes as I suspect it will copy everything from the computer rather than copy my iphone to the computer.

So, I am trying to import everything into Windows Media.

Starting with Photographs, it is sucessful but only as far as, out of several photo albums, I can only find one when I search the files. So some of the photos import but the majority do not. Yet I know they are on my IPhone!

Any ideas?

  gengiscant 14:04 19 Nov 2010

You do not explain fully what you mean by lost all data.Can you access the drive by installing as a slave then copying your itunes folder.
or use something like this. click here

  Cara2 14:33 19 Nov 2010

Okay, I have had to do a complete re-install of everything on my computer.

So, I am now trying to import my Itunes music (feel this may be impossible) and my photographs back onto my computer.

Windows media Auto Plays, but only 'grabs' one of several albums from mu iphone and sucessfully imports it.

As I say, I can see the photo's on my IPhone, but cannot see them in any folders, other than the one sucessfully imported one.

  brambles 16:09 19 Nov 2010

Cara2 here is the official method from Apple Support.

click here


  Cara2 18:06 25 Nov 2010

Thanks for replies.

The link from Brambles solved my problem.

Thank you, Cara

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