Import Messages From Windows Live to Outlook

  RobCharles1981 23:01 18 Mar 2010


Just wondering how you go about importing emails from Windows Live (Windows7) into Outlook Express 6 (xp)

Many thanks


  northumbria61 23:34 18 Mar 2010

Follow this.

click here

  RobCharles1981 23:41 18 Mar 2010

From Windows Live Mail (Windows 7) I used the Export Messages so I have the files backed up here.

When I go into Out Look on xp.

File - Import Messages --- Then What???

  RobCharles1981 11:09 19 Mar 2010


  oldbeefer3 12:10 19 Mar 2010

If OE is like Outlook, you just follow the wizard that appears after clicking 'import'.

  RobCharles1981 18:26 19 Mar 2010

But what menu command is it??

  RobCharles1981 19:55 19 Mar 2010


  oldbeefer3 20:10 19 Mar 2010

When you click File, Import/Export - what do you see?

  RobCharles1981 20:22 19 Mar 2010


And various email programs to import from but what ??

  onthelimit 20:32 19 Mar 2010

Surely you just import from the files you saved from W7 earlier, or am I missing something?

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