import ME address book to Xp Outlook/Outlook Expr

  notrom 08:52 16 Dec 2006

It’s Christmas time, in case you hadn’t noticed, and time to send out my cards. Only snag is, my Windows ME pc died some months ago, along with it my Outlook address book. I took the ‘dead’ computer to my friendly repairman who recovered vital data, including the address book, and put it all onto a DVD.

I now have a new computer with Windows XP and have been trying to import (is that the correct word?) my addresses but with no success. Have searched the internet for ‘how to’ articles but find them all very confusing and, at times, offering conflicting advice. Can anyone explain in very, very simple terms to a bear with very little computer brain what I should do?

I assume that the file labelled my name.wab in the Address Book Folder on the DVD and indicated as type Address Book File is what I need. I have various other files saved to the DVD (including a my name.wa~ in the same folder) but this one seems the most appropriate.

Any seasonal advice massively appreciated!

  BurrWalnut 09:40 16 Dec 2006

The address book (name.wab) wasn't exported, simply copied.

Using explorer find the 'new' address book and copy the DVD version to it.

  notrom 09:50 16 Dec 2006

Sorry, BurrWalnut, you've lost me already - I did warn I know little about pc workings! You don't surely mean Internet Explorer? And how do I copy the DVD version to it?

  BurrWalnut 13:54 16 Dec 2006

The file you have on DVD is a copy of the address book (name.wab). You need to overwrite the new one (the XP PC) with the one on the DVD.

  notrom 14:23 16 Dec 2006

Thanks for your help, BurrWalnut, have managed to copy the old address book into the new one though not quites ure how!

It's not a big problem, but the updated address book only appears in Outlook Express, not Outlook. I thought the address book was shared by both programmes. Any suggestions?

  Pineman100 14:46 16 Dec 2006

Just to expand a bit on what BurrWalnut has said (the following assumes that you are the Adminstrator of your new computer):-

1. Place your DVD in its drive. If an Autoplay window pops up, close it. Right-click on your Start button. On the little menu, left-click on Explore.
2. You are now in Windows Explorer. In the left-hand pane (a "tree" of all your files and folders) click the + next to the Folder C:\Documents and Settings.
3.Click the + next to Administrator
4. Click the + next to Application Data
5. Click the + next to Microsoft
6. Check that in the list of folders under Microsoft, there is one called Address Book.
7. Now scroll down the left-hand pane until you find your DVD drive. Click on it.
8. In the right-hand pane you will see a list of the folders and files on the DVD. Check that you can find the one called Administrator.wab
9. Now scroll the left-hand pane back up until you can see the folder called Address Book.
10. In the right-hand pane, place your cursor over the Adminstrator.wab file. Click and hold down your left mouse button.
11. Now drag the file across to the left-hand pane until it hovers over the Address Book folder (which will highlight). Now release your mouse button.
12. You should get a warning message, saying something like: "The file Adminstrator.wab already exists. Do you want to replace/overwrite it?" Click Yes (or OK - I can't remember!).

Your old address book should now appear on your new computer.

  Pineman100 14:47 16 Dec 2006

Well, Notrom - I was busy typing my post while you were getting the job done!

  notrom 15:00 16 Dec 2006

Thanks, Pineman. Trouble is I've been a bit stupid - again! - before reporting success. I didn't check in any detail what I'd tranferred from the DVD but saw email addresses and assumed everything else was there. In fact, all I've got in updated Outlook Express are email addresses - no physical, geographical street names, phone numbers or notes. Am I right in thinking Address Book only refers to email addresses and that what I really need to work on is the Outlook.pst file (also on the DVD)?

If so, does the process you outline above apply to it?

  skidzy 15:26 17 Dec 2006

if all is well now and all files recovered,could you kindly tick resolved please.This may help others in the future.

Solution click here

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