import e-mail address to another browser?

  fireball XL5 20:46 20 Mar 2003

i am using IE6 and want to try out
neoplanet browser if i import my e-mail
addresses to neoplanet will they remain
as they are in IE6 and outlook express

  howard60 21:47 20 Mar 2003

if you have me or xp set a system restore point before you install and then you should be able to go back to how you were if anything goes wrong.

  fireball XL5 23:13 20 Mar 2003

i am using win98 SE does it make any

  Megatyte 23:39 20 Mar 2003

W98 doesn't support restore. Back up your mail store first and then you can always set OE6 back up if needed.


  Lú-tzé 08:05 21 Mar 2003

As above: backup first.

Go into your address book and choose to export - file_export_addressBook(WAB) - save to a floppy / cd-r. Because NeoPlanet uses IE engine, it may use their address book too.

click here for a prog call Dawn which converts between formats to aid copying contacts. It may help if you need to rebuild your contacts list for neoplanet.

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