Tinkey Winkey 21:37 11 Apr 2004

The 'SMART' BIOS on my 4 year old Asus A7A266 mobo keeps halting my boot screen and displays the following alert:

SMART Failure Predicted on Primary Slave H.D.
WARNING! Immediately back up your data and replace your H.D.
A failure may be imminent !( Press F1 to continue)

So I backed up the important stuff and 6 MONTHS later the drive is still working !!?

I'm reluctant to replace the HD until it dies as I have a lot of progs on it which I no longer have the original disks for.

I can't be the only person who's had this Warning Message.
Should I replace the drive soon or wait until it dies ?-(which might not be for another 6 months!)

  woodchip 21:40 11 Apr 2004

Get drive Image and make a Image file of the Slave Drive you will then have your programs that can be restored to the new slave drive as and when needed

  woodchip 21:41 11 Apr 2004

PS you will have to put the Image on the master Drive or onto CDR or DVD

  Old Shep 21:44 11 Apr 2004

This may explain what SMART means it is one of my earlier posting before I change my user name. click here

  woodchip 21:48 11 Apr 2004

SMART is put there to save your work, it's a safe guard when the drive is on the way out

  Tinkey Winkey 21:54 11 Apr 2004

Thanks for that Woodchip.
The thought of being able to keep the current progs/data is excellent news.

Would the Imaged drive be compressed before putting it on the Primary, as it is only 15GB whereas the Slave is currently around 26GB ?

Can I effectively transfer the 26GB back onto the new Slave then ?

PS I have Norton Ghost as a part of System Works so I can use that- yes ?

  woodchip 09:34 12 Apr 2004

You can adjust the Size in Drive Image and also split to fit on CD's

  Rayuk 09:52 12 Apr 2004

you could buy a new drive and using the manufacturers software copy everything over,then use present drive for non essential storage.

Have you done a scan or checkdisk on the drive to see if there are any bad sectors

  lamda 11:19 12 Apr 2004

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