iminent hard disk failure -transfer options

  Ivor_Monkey 18:12 27 Aug 2004

oh dear...........
I have a warning that a hard disk is about to fail.I presume it is the primary one (western digital) and not the secondary disk (maxtor).

What is the easiest (best?) way to copy contents of failing disk including operating system onto new disk (not yet bought).
Presumably, new disk should be formatted, partitioned and OS installed.

But if I already have a full second disk installed, what are the best options?

Also any good recommendations -I guess about 120gb or so?


  woodchip 18:23 27 Aug 2004

Create a Image file with ether Ghost or Acronis true Image. You have to save to other drive so you can restore to new one

  Ivor_Monkey 20:57 27 Aug 2004

Thanks. I have drive image somewhere.

But is it possible to install new drive as second drvie and copy everything to that and then ocne doen make primary drive and replace old second drvie?

Thanks again

  woodchip 21:08 27 Aug 2004

You are better just make image of C:\ to D:\ then remove the C:\ drive and fit the new one, do not forget the jumper, but that should be set to master if it's a new drive. start with the DI floppy disc's and restore the Image from D:\ to the new drive. It creates the partition etc. It should be just as Before you changed the drive

  Ivor_Monkey 09:22 28 Aug 2004

Thanks again.

  SEASHANTY 12:53 28 Aug 2004

If your seond hard drive is already nearly full you will not have enough space to copy over "C" onto "D".
You could remove "D" purchase a new HDD (say 120GB )
Maxtor, and fit this in place of the removed "D".
Then use the Maxblast 3 software to clone the original "C" drive to the new "D" drive. Afterwards
Make the new drive "C" and replace your original "D"
drive again. Long way round but it will get you there eventually. After cloning the original old "C"
drive you would of course discard it - or keep it for emergencies!

  SEASHANTY 13:08 28 Aug 2004

There is an interactive facility of the Maxtor website for installing a new drive
click here

  pj123 14:29 28 Aug 2004

Ivor_Monkey, depending on your operating system. Buy a new hard drive, disconnect all your other hard drives, install the new one as master. Fdisk, partition and format it. Now put your C: drive back as Master and the new drive as Slave and use xxcopy from click here if it is Win98se or xxclone from click here for win xp and this will copy everything. Once done make your new hard drive the Master and reboot. Don't forget to download xxcopy or xxclone first though, and if you haven't got one a bootdisk from click here

  Ivor_Monkey 09:25 30 Aug 2004

SEASHANTY and pj123

Thanks for that advice. Unfortunately, the primary hard disk has now failed. Luckily, I'd backed up (most?) photos and music. If possible, I would still like to clone/ghost over everything else retrievable.

I'd had XP installed on second disk (for emergencies), and can see that the primary "failed" disk is now showing a H partition 67gb of contents and another partition of 23gb of unallocated (would that be the problem area?). I think 3 separate partitions "photo", "music" and "docs" partiions are missing.I thought the XP OS on
primary disk was also in the larger partition, which is still showing its contents.

1) Can a hard disk failure knock out partiions and the OS while leaving the contents of the partition containing the OS unaffected?

2) How reliable are seagate hard disks? I'm being offered one.

3) I have programms (games etc) on the functioning h partition on the failed disk.
a) After ghosting over to a new disk, will the contents be lost if I reinstall XP on that partition?

b)But, if I reinstall on another partition, or use the XP OS on the second disk (as master) the programmes will need reinstalling.

4) that's it for now.


  pj123 13:42 30 Aug 2004

Sorry, I can't answer all of your questions but,

Cloning/Ghosting is exactly that. It copies everything that is there. So that is not a good idea now. I think your best bet is to start again and install a new hard drive (formatted and partitioned) as the master and install XP or whatever O/S you have on it. Then you would have to reinstall any programmes you have as well, plus, of course, your driver disks - motherboard, graphics, sound, modem, printer etc...

Seagate drives: I have four Seagate drives in two of my computers (two in each) and have not had any problems with them yet. I do backups daily, weekly and monthly though so if ever a problem arises hopefully I am covered.

  Ivor_Monkey 15:09 30 Aug 2004

Thanks, that is very useful.

Could I ask: Do you partition your OS separately from your data files and do you backup one disk onto the other?

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