imap settings for Outlook 2007

  rawprawn 10:31 17 Dec 2011

Anyone know the settings to set up imap in Outlook with a BT Connection. I have tried incoming and SMTP (and variations with no luck) RP

  Woolwell 11:29 17 Dec 2011

Oh dear. I was worried about this in your previous post. Did you look through the settings I posted in the links in that?

  Woolwell 11:37 17 Dec 2011

Taken from another site: The basic settings are:-

Incoming Server = Type = IMAP Username = [email protected] ([email protected] also worked fine for me) Password = as normal Security = SSL Port = 993 Outgoing Server = Type = SMTP Username = [email protected] ([email protected] also worked fine for me) Password = as normal Security = SSL Port = 465

  Woolwell 11:38 17 Dec 2011

Sorry formatting went wrong Bt imap see post 5-11-2010

  rawprawn 11:47 17 Dec 2011

Thank you Woolwell, I will give it arty.

  rawprawn 12:00 17 Dec 2011

No luck, I get the message "General authentication failed, non of the authentication methods supported by your imap server (if any) are supported on this computer

  Woolwell 12:12 17 Dec 2011

As you know you are not alone with this problem. BT do not publicise anything about imap. How did you change the account at the BT end from pop to imap as this should have been done first?

Regrettably, although imap is the best solution for working with more than one system, you may have to revert to pop with BT.

  Woolwell 12:15 17 Dec 2011
  rawprawn 12:59 17 Dec 2011

I didn't change the account at the BT end, I didn't see any way of doing it. I think I may well have to abandon the laptop for emails, I went into BT yesterday and deleted everything showing (Hundreds of duplicates) and both mac and iPad are now OK. I have my iPad now which I will be taking with me when I am away. I have to go out this afternoon for a couple of hours, but I will look back later. If you have any further suggestions I shall be glad to hear them. Thank you for your assistance RP

  rawprawn 13:05 17 Dec 2011

I have just found a barrow load of information at BTYahoo showing how to get Yahoo mail on outlook. I don't have time to read it now, but I will later.

  rawprawn 17:04 17 Dec 2011

I give in, I cannot find the way to do it. I will abandon emails on my laptop, and just use logging into BTYahoo and looking at the mail. Thanks RP.

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