IMAP mails vanishing from Outlook express

  p;3 19:17 16 Mar 2007

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I have my OE set up for downloading to a now separate section of my OE called IMAP which SEEMS to be connected to the server; when I empty the server THAT seems to empty my OE too ; I cannot see the deleted mails in my deleted folder either

learning from this I may create a new separate folder FOR these mails to NOT lose them ;
BUT am I (hopefully not) right in that the OE is somehow syncronised WITH the server TO delete mails in the OE?

the IMAP folder section in my oe IS empty and SHOULD have at least 20 maILS IN IT

  p;3 09:32 17 Mar 2007

anyone any ideas please?

  Woolwell 12:24 17 Mar 2007

I have an IMAP account because I can read my e-mails at the office and at home. The e-mails are on the server available at both locations. I use Outlook rather that OE. When I delete they remain in the folder with a line through them until I purge the deleted messages they are then deleted from the server and are gone.

Emptying the server will remove the messages completely. It is assumed that if you delete them you no longer want them. If you want them for later do not delete them.
To keep them for longer and as a back up I export them to a pst file.

I assume that OE works as Outlook and it is synchronised with the server to delete the e-mails. This is probably not what you want to read.

If I'm wrong no doubt someone will correct me.

  p;3 12:36 17 Mar 2007

GGRR; having gotten my oe set up finally to do this I have now defeated the 'object of the 'exercise which was originally to have the mails in my own pc and NOT on server

one GOOD point is that the server IS clear of mails I will I think have to log in TO server and forward mails FROM there to a private address OFF of that server where I CAN grab them by OE

I could not believe it when I saw a stack of about 32 e mails in my IMAP inbox, thougth 'GOOD, I have GOT them' then cleaned OFF the server.......


where have MY OE mails completely vanished to..I did NOT give premisssion for them to go


I PRESUME I will be 'safe' if I DO shift them FROM server to a completley different address?

  Woolwell 12:47 17 Mar 2007

You could forward them to a different e-mail address when they arrive at OE and they should be "safe" if it is a POP account. IMAP is safe but it is a server driven e-mail system. One of the snags I have is sent e-mails in that I haven't found an easy way of seeing them on both PC's.

  Batch 12:53 17 Mar 2007

Are the emails that you refer to being downloaded from your ISP (i.e from your ISPs server)?

If so, I have never tried this and and would have been surprised that it would work (different protocol).

If it is not from your ISP, where from? Your work or what?

  p;3 12:54 17 Mar 2007

have you tried transfering a message from the IMAP section of OE to the 'ordinary'section?

what happends then? will it let you? I have none on board to test with

NOR was I aware it IS server orientated; what happens if one is OFF line with oe?will it try to connect when dealing WITH the imap folder?

my other addresses are all POP so should be safe...DV

  p;3 13:02 17 Mar 2007

the emails are on a secure server and is NOT my ISP

  Woolwell 13:07 17 Mar 2007


I'm using Outlook not OE. But in Outlook it does allow to transfer from the IMAP to the "ordinary section" by dragging and dropping.

I find that the messages are held on the PC and at the server, they are downloaded so are available off line I assume (I'm on broadband at both locations so am in effect on-line all the time. However my broadband connection (wireless) at work isn't so good and it drops and I am fairly sure that I can still read the messages that have been downloaded. But delete means delete they go from everywhere (from both PC's they next time I start up).

  Woolwell 13:09 17 Mar 2007


My IMAP account is not with my ISP but I have a domain name and e-mail account. It should be the same as a secure server.

  Woolwell 13:11 17 Mar 2007

I should have said purge delete. Delete doens't actually delete but leaves themn crossed out until they are purged. Once purged they go.

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