IMAP email accounts on windows mail...

  athenrye 16:59 04 May 2009

my wife has email details for her work with sun microsystems

its a IMAP account and i cant get it to work with windows mail, im on vista and windows mail as my email

the thing thats really annoying is that ive downloaded thunderbird and it works through that email server

as i use windows all the time id rather use that
any ideas wht its not working with windows mail?


  Sea Urchin 17:12 04 May 2009

When you set up the account in Windows Mail (via Tools/Accounts/New Mail) you should tick the box "Manually Configure Server Settings for email Account" - then on the next screen you have the option to select IMAP instead of POP3

  athenrye 17:23 04 May 2009

hi sea urchin

ive done all that mate, ive maaged to do it with thinderbird and its working fine, ive checked the windows mail details and they seem fine but it wont work

the only thing i can see is that in the tools>accounts>properties the last tab is folders and the top option wants me to point to a folder

do i need to or will it automatically do it?
thunderbird dosnt have this option or it does it auto

  Woolwell 17:27 04 May 2009

With Vista and Windows Mail to create my IMAP account I simply went to Tools/Accounts/Add and then in the appropriate place selected IMAP instead of POP.

You will need to check that the SMTP settings are correct for outgoing mail. It may need to eb the same as your ISP for other e-mail accounts.

  athenrye 17:29 04 May 2009

hi woolwell
ive done all that mate and managed to do it in thunderbird and it works a treat

not like microsft windaes...
does anything work with this crap!

just thought i might be missing something obvious that other people have had issues with

the reason i went for thunderbird is a guy at her work couldnt get it to work with windows mail either and used thunderbird


  Woolwell 17:31 04 May 2009

With my IMAP account if I go to Tools/Accounts and select properties for that account then the last tab is headed IMAP and I did not change any of the settings on that tab and did not fill in a folder name.

  Woolwell 17:33 04 May 2009

The only thing I can think of is that the account may need port settings.

  athenrye 18:40 04 May 2009

cheers guys
ive done eberything you mention in both thunderbird and windows mail

thunderbird works great and windows mail just dosnt work...

i thought it might be something stupid re windows mail, bnut it might be sun micro spitting the dummy out!


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