IMAP - to download emails or not

  setecio 15:30 30 Apr 2008

With IMAP email, is there a setting that stops downloading all the messages onto the computer.

It seems when I open windows mail, it is downloading all the messages, when all I really need to see are the subject titles, and it can download each email when I open it.

Can it work like this - if so how ?


  Woolwell 17:00 30 Apr 2008

It can be done and I was ok until I got to windows mail which I don't have. In Outlook it is part of the send/receive group settings and for your IMAP inbox you can set to download headers only.

  setecio 09:27 01 May 2008

If IMAP on a computer is set to download messages, am I correct in assuming it saves a copy on the computer and doesn't have to start downloading from scratch every time the computer is switched on.

ie. if there are 10,000 emails on the server and the computer is set to download them (for this example pretend it is necessary), once it has downloaded the 10,000 , do they stay on the computer as well as on the server , and next time the PC is restarted it doesn't have to freshly download them all again ?

  Woolwell 11:48 01 May 2008

IMAP e-mails normally remain on the server until they are purged (deleted). My IMAP account only downloads new e-mails. I use 2 PCs and a smartphone with my IMAP and I can have my e-mails at each location.
On one of my PC's I archive old e-mails and then purge the server so that the amount held on the server doesn't become too large.
Your provider should have some guidance.

  setecio 16:29 02 May 2008

Thanks for all that info.

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