Imaging on Windows XP

  poogles_uk 08:44 28 Jul 2004

On a computer im setting with windows xp there is no imaging like on Win 2K and previous. So i copied the files from a win 2k machine and the dll it wanted, but when i run it i get the error 'The Image Admin Control cannot be found, Reload Imaging'

Any ideas what this is? And how i can sort this out. As it is needed for an A3 Scanner

  ventanas 08:55 28 Jul 2004

If you mean the Kodak Imaging program, this is not included with XP. I believe this point was answered in a Helproom query in the mag a few months back but I don't have it with me here. Perhaps someone else can recall it. From memory I think the advice given was don't try it, but could be wrong.

  poogles_uk 08:57 28 Jul 2004

Hmph, what can i use for free that will do the same job?

  anchor 09:37 28 Jul 2004

This will do the job, and a lot more; free too!

click here

  poogles_uk 09:41 28 Jul 2004

Great, some teaching to be done!!

I wanted imaging so that i didn't have to reshow people how to use the scanner. Never Mind



  Chegs ® 11:01 28 Jul 2004

Its possible to add Imaging from 98se to XP.I posted the howto in Helproom awhile back using a small d/l from a german site.I will hunt thru my previous threads for this one,but its going to take me ages as I'm nearly upto 3000 logins. :-)

  Chegs ® 11:11 28 Jul 2004

click here

Unfortunately,PCA have had a clearout of old threads and I can no longer go that far back.Instead,I used google and found this,hope it helps.

  ventanas 14:05 28 Jul 2004

I have found the item. It was in the June issue of the mag. But not much point in copying it here as it says exactlty the same as the site in chegs link.

One think the PCA answer does say though. Do not use a 98 version. Doesn't mention 98se.

  Chegs ® 16:24 28 Jul 2004

My original post described how to do this with a 98se cd.I had to d/l a file from a german website and the app had all its buttons in german too,but it worked no bother.It allowed me to use my scanners features in XP,that the Scanner&Camera wizard wouldn't.

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