sgoku 14:10 03 Oct 2003

what would you say the best imaging editing software is? price is not an issue.

  alcudia 14:21 03 Oct 2003

Adobe Photoshop, but when you see the price it will be an issue.

Go for Paint Shop Pro. Not a lot of difference as far as image editing goes, but lacks Photoshop's professional printing features.

  AndySD 14:56 03 Oct 2003

I have to agree with alcudia but if you are looking for something under £100 go for the cut down version Photoshop Elements. I find its use as good for nearly all the imageing work I do on my laptop.

  anchor 18:01 03 Oct 2003

If you are a professional, then most will tell you the full version of Adobe Photoshop is a must.

However, it is not the easiest programme to master, (I have tried). My recommendation would be for Paint Shop Pro, which is more user friendly, will do almost anything you need, and not too difficult to master.

By the way, the latest Adobe Photoshop v7 would set you back almost £600.

  hssutton 20:17 03 Oct 2003

I have PS7, PSP8 and PhotoImpact on my machine. I can do wonderful things with PS7 but I must admit I'm still only scratching the surface, PSP8 this was a photo competition award, I find very awkward and more difficult to work my way through, probably if I had started using PSP before PS I would think differently. However for value for money I would certainly go for PhotoImpact, This is one very good, reasonable priced programme.

  R4 20:24 03 Oct 2003

I use paintshop pro for editing and PhotoSuite for enhancing and printing

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