Images vanish

  kinger 15:47 29 Jul 2005

When I use Microsoft Word or Publisher and insert images (though not clipart) they keep vanishing and appearing at random.

My system has 2Gb of RAM.

When I put it down to just 1Gb of RAM everything works fine, the images stay put.

Is there something about Microsoft products that makes them not work properly with "too much RAM installed".

Any workarounds this problem would be much appreciated. I would rather have the extra RAM as I do video editing.

All other programs work fine, it's just MS Office products.

I have reinstalled etc. but no luck.

  kinger 19:07 29 Jul 2005

Anyone on the evening shift able to advise on this problem at all?

  DieSse 20:02 29 Jul 2005

"they keep vanishing and appearing at random." - from where? - the documents? - the folders?

Win98 has a known problem with over 512Mb of RAM - which OS are you using?

Maybe one of your RAM modules is faulty - try a RAM diagnostic, such as click here or click here

  mattyc_92 20:05 29 Jul 2005

I have a simular problem, but if you just press the "space-bar" (while not highlighting the image(s) ) then I find they re-appear in the document...

I only have 512meg RAM, so I don't think it is the RAM

Hope this helps.

  kinger 20:57 29 Jul 2005

Sorry DieSse, only half a post there.

I'm using Windows XP SE

I have documents that I created before the RAM was 2Gb.

These documents contained images, ie logos, pictures, photos etc..

I purchased a new PC with 2Gb RAM installed and now, when these documents are loaded the images are just blank, ie, a space where the image should be. They'll print OK and show up in 'print preview' OK but cannot be seen in the real document. However, every now and again, they appear. If I 'save' it'll show images for a split second but they vanish again.

The text and clipart are fine.

Now, when I take out 1Gb RAM, it works perfectly, images showing all the time.

This problem is only in Microsoft Office. ie, Publisher, Word etc.

Can you help?

  DieSse 21:02 29 Jul 2005

"Now, when I take out 1Gb RAM, it works perfectly, images showing all the time."

Either module of RAM?

  kinger 21:12 29 Jul 2005

Just checking with the memory tester as you posted.

Ah, I don't physically take it out.

I set a RAM Disk to use 1Gb which leaves me with 1Gb to run the rest of the system on.

This works fine. But, you see, I need 2Gb so therefore need to alter or adjust MS Office to work with 2Gb.


  VoG II 21:17 29 Jul 2005

I've never come across this and can't find anything on the MSKB. But I'll bet anybody a penny at 100:1 that this is related to the RAM drive.

More trouble than they are worth in my experience.

  kinger 21:34 29 Jul 2005

It did the problem before I installed the RAM Drive.

I just noticed that after installing it and setting it to 1Gb the problem went away.

So, I imagine, it must be an issue with MS Office.

I could not find the answer on MS site either.

  kinger 22:13 29 Jul 2005

Basically, what I'm saying is, that with 2Gb RAM installed, MS Office has a fault.

With just 1GB RAM installed, the fault disappears.

It affects no other programs, just the genuine Office installation.

Thanks if anyone can throw any light on the subject.

  DieSse 22:29 29 Jul 2005

What Office version?

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