Images and text overlapping on websites

  Pineman100 10:38 09 May 2012

A pal of mine runs Vista and Internet Explorer 7.

He recently had to have his computer repaired and his software reinstalled. He now finds that a number of his favourite websites suffer from overlapping images and blocks of text, when viewed on his screen.

I've found a number of quite complex solutions to this problem on the internet, but I wondered whether the easiest solution might simply be to upgrade to IE8 or even 9.

Do you think this would solve the problem? Will IE9 run satisfactorily under Vista?

Thanks for any advice.

  lotvic 10:51 09 May 2012

If he has had a reinstall of Vista and is on IE7 whoever did it hasn't run Update.

He needs to run Windows Update and be prepared for a long session as there will be a lot of updates to download and install, some of which will require a restart (will be a prompt on the screen when this is needed).

IE8 or 9 will be offered as part of the Microsoft update.

  Woolwell 10:52 09 May 2012

IE9 is fine on Vista. I would upgrade from IE7 in any case because of the improved security. However has the internet options been set back to default and has he tried without add-ons?

  Woolwell 10:53 09 May 2012

lotvic's point about the updates is good.

  Pineman100 11:05 09 May 2012

Many thanks to you both for that advice.

Unfortunately, this guy is totally useless at anything other than just the most basic computer use, so I don't think he'll understand about running IE without add-ons, or setting it back to default.

I reckon the safest route is probably just for me to explain how to run Windows Update, which will presumably install IE9 at its default setting anyway.

Does that sound sensible to you?

  Woolwell 11:09 09 May 2012

If Windows Update hasn't been run then it should be. But he may not like the IE9 lay out!

  Pineman100 11:13 09 May 2012

Thanks Woolwell. You're probably right that he'll moan that things in IE have changed, but he'll just have to get used to it!

I'll suggest the update to him.

Many thanks again to you and lotvic.

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